When family traditions have to give way – Friday

The madness of this farm in the middle of the peach fields! As the summer sun crept along the fruit trees, the bright house in which the Sully family lived, grandmother, grandfather, father, mother, with two daughters and a son, is bathed in warm colors – a small island not always harmonious, but seemingly blissful. … Read more

“Memorial of a Glorious Past”

The central synagogue in Aleppo was considered one of the oldest used synagogues in the world – until it fell victim to a pogrom on December 1, 1947, 1,500 years later. And now, Israeli documentary filmmakers from “Micha Film” and the Berlin studio “High Road Stories” have almost made it to the church again. The … Read more

The true cradle of mankind – Friday

Sometimes, there are song lines that you’ll misunderstand for the rest of your life. When you learn what they’re really called, you’re a little disappointed that you made your own logic for the misunderstood font, and the actual font can’t keep up. “It will be less dangerous when the lights are off We are here … Read more

Pamela Adlon’s Final Season – Buckle Up! – Friday

“This is going to be the worst interview ever!” Even before seeing anything on the screen, this smoky laugh echoes from the computer, so incomparable that it’s immediately obvious: at the other end of the video link, Pamela Adlon, comedian, actress and creator of the series Better things, whose final season is now available on … Read more

Dystopia, nostalgia and fighter planes | the jewish general

More than two years after the pandemic, the show on Croisette seemed like an evocation of the art house cinema. It was the old hands of the film industry that presented their new productions here. Including David Cronenberg, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi and Ethan Coen. The Ukraine war overshadowed the Cannes Film Festival. The organizers had … Read more

Theater on the ship | the jewish general

No one can bypass this ship, it looks very attractive and powerful. It is 67 meters long and eight meters wide on the quayside of Spandau harbor. There was a big rush last Monday night – the Jewish theater ship MS Goldberg was there with the world premiere of Armin Petras. the singer Based on … Read more

Two women who fled Ukraine quarrel in Reutlingen – Friday

Finally, Misha’s voice is on the cell phone. Screams through the headset. Ira asks: “Misha, are you okay?” “You guys were just a fuss.” Ira could breathe again. She hangs up the phone and sips on her an alcohol-free Aperol Spritz. Laughs, poses for a selfie. In Reutlingen, the heat portends a summer on Saturday. … Read more

lost forever | the jewish general

Ending the war in Ukraine seems a long way off, and it’s hard to imagine how much damage Russian forces have done over the past three months. The Ukrainian economy can certainly be restored within years with the help of the international community, and the destroyed cities will be rebuilt. Among the Ukrainian infrastructure damaged … Read more

South Ossetia in Ukraine’s war on Russia’s side: the Caucasus Front – Friday

Georgians and Ossetians have been at war for more than 100 years: thousands died in 1918-21, thousands died in 1990-92, and hundreds more in 2008, when Russia pushed deeper into Georgia in a campaign to protect its own citizens in attacking South Ossetia. With the war of Ukraine, the Caucasus Front threatens to separate again. … Read more

Do not be afraid of fear

Can you sleep peacefully in the face of the horrific war in Ukraine, or do you fear the escalation of an uncontrollable escalation that could end in a nuclear war? If so, you are not alone. Fear is spreading in Germany. The war in Ukraine has severely shaken people’s enthusiasm for life and confidence in … Read more