Ukraine war – Russian fertilizer export ban weighs on German farmers

Ukraine war – Russian fertilizer export ban weighs on German farmers

Volker Hahn refers to his portable chicken coop. It reminds us a bit of a caravan. “They’ll be out in a couple of hours, and now they’ve got eggs to lay.” Clearly audible passengers are only allowed out when everyone has finished laying eggs. Farmer Han also keeps fattening pigs, but he mainly grows potatoes, … Read more

The Struggle for Freedom: Ukrainian Philosopher Grigorios Skoruda | culture | DW

The Struggle for Freedom: Ukrainian Philosopher Grigorios Skoruda |  culture |  DW

Gregory Skoruda is present in many places in Ukraine, and the philosopher and poet is praised throughout the country. One of the oldest universities in the country, Kharkov National Pedagogical University Skovoroda, bears his name, as does the university founded in 1986. Gregorios Skoruda University In Pereyaslav, approximately 100 kilometers south of Kyiv. Skoworoda figure … Read more

Ukrainian divers in the Black Forest – safe and finally back to training

Ukrainian divers in the Black Forest – safe and finally back to training

Almost every day, Oksana Pizrebra takes her 11-year-old son Ilya and six-year-old sister Polina to the newly renovated sports pool in western Freiburg for training. The 39-year-old from Kyiv studied business in Dresden and Zurich and has been fluent in German ever since. When Russian bombs fell on Kyiv, she did not hesitate. “Then I … Read more

Ukraine: The cultural landscape expresses solidarity |

Status: 02/25/2022 08:36 AM After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, not only expressions of solidarity can be seen on the streets. What forms of protest can exist in cultural institutions and social media? by Julian Bergmann The news of Putin’s war and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shocked and alarmed many. Thousands of people have already … Read more

Ukraine Humanitarian Aid: Donations Against Evil | Europe | DW

On a cold spring morning, the pickup truck crosses the almost empty Ukrainian-Romanian border. Hundreds of cars often wait here on both sides during the day. But this morning, shortly before eight, there was no crowding. A red cross sign, Ukrainian flags and the inscription “Humanitarian Aid” are behind the truck’s windshield. Oksana, Serhag, Wasel … Read more

Ukraine War Removes Certainty: A Tribute to Doubt

Status: 09/05/2022 5:44 PM “I’ve always had a hard time dealing with the paradoxes of Western philosophy,” says philosopher Rebecca Reinhard. She broke a spear of skepticism – calling irrefutable convictions a “danger to democracy”. by Angelica Kellhammer Once convinced, the pacifists suddenly became in favor of handing over weapons – is it logical or … Read more

Holy War: Historian analyzes Putin’s speech |

Status: 09/05/2022 5:18 PM Vladimir Putin’s speech on the day of the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany was eagerly awaited. A conversation with Jörn Abel, Professor at Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg. Mr. Hubble, what are the key sentences in Putin’s speech for you? Jörn Hubble: The crucial sentence, which I think was also … Read more

History – How Nazi history is attributed to German politicians – Wikipedia

Berlin (dpa) – In order to justify the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to shed light on German politicians, some relatives have allegedly had a Nazi past attributed to some in social networks. Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach or Federal Chancellor Olaf Schultz can be seen alongside members of the SS (Schütz-Staffel) in photo … Read more

90 day period and beyond? This is how long refugees from Ukraine will receive protection in Saxony

Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine has been going on for more than three months, and many people have since fled. Tens of thousands of people have also sought and found protection in Saxony in recent weeks. There is always talk of a 90-day period during which arrivals receive protection. In theory, this will be achieved … Read more

Outfried Prosler: The gun I had to shoot myself with never crossed my mind”

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