Escalation in Ukraine: US and NATO risk nuclear war

An astonishing shortage has gripped the US ruling class. She sees the prospect of nuclear war – which could mean the death of millions and the extermination of life on this planet – as a real possibility that should not distract her from her geopolitical goals of waging war against Russia in Ukraine. In an … Read more

Finance – How Ukrainian refugees get social benefits – Economy

BERLIN (dpa/tmn) – Even if grocery shopping is hard: Ukrainian refugees in Germany currently can’t do much with their local currency. You can’t pay with the hryvnia here, and the euro exchange prospects aren’t particularly rosy. Therefore, assistance can be a social benefit that refugees deserve. But how is it submitted? Experts explain. What support … Read more

Conflicts Hamburg – Student refugees are drawn to Hamburg – Politics

Hamburg (dpa/lno) – Russia’s aggressive war in Ukraine has forced students from other countries to flee there. Many came to Germany, 450 according to the internal authorities so far to Hamburg alone. Unlike students with Ukrainian citizenship, those from other countries do not have a general residence permit in Germany, provided that their countries of … Read more

Refugees from Ukraine: this is how registration works at the reception center in the district of Schwarzwald-Bar – Villingen-Schwenningen & surroundings

An employee in the authority talks with a refugee family. Photo: Hooper The Central Reception Center for Refugees from Ukraine in the Schwarzwald-Barre region began operations on Monday. During the inspection, it was now explained how the venue was organized. Villingen-Schwenningen – During the inspection of the Central Reception Center for Refugees from Ukraine in … Read more

Meet the Ukrainian poet Ostap Slivinsky

DrThe poet is neither angry nor hateful and wants red wine. But there is no red wine on the balcony. “You have to go in,” says the skinny, platinum-blonde waitress at the Italian restaurant in western Ukraine. The poet nodded his head. He declares, “This is war.” take a break. “Many restaurants don’t want to … Read more