Celebrity: Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg will run RTL – Panorama in the future

Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg, 50, former Secretary of Defense, goes to RTL TV station. He must lead as a director through streaming documentaries. This was reported on Monday by RTL Germany. In a letter from Cologne, she said they are working together on “high-quality documentaries for the RTL+ show”. “Zu Guttenberg will act as moderator … Read more

Space travel – 75 years old UFO: This is how flying saucers appeared – Wikipedia

BERLIN (dpa) – It started with a misunderstanding: If things are referred to as flying saucers in science fiction films today, it has something to do with an accident 75 years ago. On June 24, 1947, American businessman and amateur pilot Kenneth Arnold was flying in the sky of the US state of Washington. He … Read more

Chemicals – Glyphosate case: Bayer’s appeal application denied – Wikipedia

Washington/Leverkusen (DPA) – The Bayer Group has failed a groundbreaking legal dispute over the cancer risks of the weed killer glyphosate with an appeal to the US Supreme Court. In Washington, the US Supreme Court announced that it will not deal with the case, which will determine the course of many other US actions. For … Read more

The Falklands War: When the British defeated the Argentine junta

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The Falklands War: When the British defeated the Argentine junta

FFor the contemporary peace movement, this struggle was one of the most absurd of all. A country that hated the idea that it no longer had half the world had to prove that it was still little more than a territorial power with a few islands in the South Atlantic: this is roughly how this … Read more

James Elroy: “Public Panic” – Confessions of a “Hollywood Fixer” in Purgatory

James Ellroy: “General Banek” (Photo: (c) Marion Ettlinger, book cover: Olstein Verlag) Farid Atash is a “Hollywood Wizard”, who solves problems for the rich and powerful, using blackmail and violence if necessary. His motto: “I do everything but kill, I work for everyone but the communists.” He does not always take both principles seriously. But … Read more

Basketball – Steve Kerr: A coach with a clear stance on gun laws

SAN FRANCISCO (Associated Press) – When Steve Kerr hit the table two weeks ago and showed his frustration and grief over recent shootings and America’s lax gun laws, it came from the bottom of his heart. The Golden State Warriors basketball coach, who currently plays the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals for the fourth … Read more

The science – stopping emissions would first accelerate warming – Wikipedia

SEATTLE (AP) – Even if all human-made emissions affecting the climate were stopped immediately, global warming could reach 1.5 degrees with a probability of about 42 percent. This is the result of a new simulation study. The researchers also found that an immediate cessation of emissions would initially accompany faster warming because the cooling effect … Read more

Climate catastrophe: cutting emissions first will accelerate warming – Wikipedia

Plumes of smoke and water vapor billow over the coal-fired power plant in Lethabo, South Africa. Photo: Themba Hadibe/Associated Press/DPA What if all greenhouse gas emissions were stopped completely? Researchers are trying to understand evolution. The short term result is unexpected. SEATTLE – Even if all man-made emissions that affect the climate were stopped immediately, … Read more

The end of Netflix and Disney as we know it: Paramount+’s Tom Ryan breaks biggest taboo

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