Escalation in Ukraine: US and NATO risk nuclear war

An astonishing shortage has gripped the US ruling class. She sees the prospect of nuclear war – which could mean the death of millions and the extermination of life on this planet – as a real possibility that should not distract her from her geopolitical goals of waging war against Russia in Ukraine. In an … Read more

Media – Emmy Awards: A Year of Real TV Life – Media

Los Angeles (dpa) – These are the world’s top TV awards: On Monday evening, the Primetime Emmy Awards will be shown at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. As always, they are also evidence of what has recently been amusing and occupying people. And this year it means one thing above all: realism rather than … Read more

Emmy Awards 2022: On Live and TV! How to watch the awards ceremony live

The slogan “And the winner is…” will be multiple times during the night from Monday to Tuesday, September 12/13, 2022 at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards. You can find out which series and actors have been nominated here. At night from Monday to Tuesday, 12/13 September 2022, time 74th Emmy Awards granted. The awards ceremony, … Read more

Amazon Prime: You can use this trick to delay price increases

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‘Pleasure Principles’ on Netflix – What You Should Know About Women, Sex, and Orgasm

“I can name 90 slang names for my genitals,” says a woman in the Netflix documentary Principles of Pleasure. But do you know exactly what her vulva is? She looks a little helpless. The other women who are incredibly open about their sexual experiences, lusts, and bodies in the three-part series have no idea either. … Read more