Ukrainian diaries: sleeping bags in the office – Culture

For a few days now, one topic has been preoccupying university staff: non-payment of salaries. The salary is always paid in two installments, one of which is by the middle of the month. It is now said that there will be no more before the end of the month. The situation is the same across … Read more

Ukrainian diary: an almost child prodigy – Culture

The first student answered my question about the final version of my Bachelor’s thesis by email. I have to read the letter twice to make sure I understand what he is writing correctly. “I am still working on that today and tomorrow to finalize the script, but tomorrow evening I am going to Kyiv and … Read more

A Ukrainian memoir: When the layer of personal protection collapses – Culture

On the morning of Wednesday, May 11, it starts early, at half past seven we want to leave Chernivtsi for Romania. When I came to the kitchen, my roommate, I’m from Mariupol, was already there, and she had to leave early, and leave the house a little before seven on weekdays. While we sip our … Read more

Ukraine: If you come from Donetsk or Luhansk, you hardly get apartments – Culture

Dear acquaintances of Vasylivka decided to return. Although they could not go to their occupied hometown, they wanted to go to Zaporizhia, the center of the administrative region. O. says they are homesick, want to be closer to home, and she is also allergic to cat fur. Can she keep the dishes she got from … Read more

Ukrainian Diary: Are You Well Equipped? A wise weapon yes – culture

Upcoming visitor: B., our language assistant at the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) will come. Born in Romania and currently living in Bucharest, she continues her online teaching of German as a foreign language and also participates in other ways in Romania for our causes. In fact, she should not travel to Ukraine, but she … Read more

Ukrainian Diary of Symbolic Days – Culture

Ukrainian President Zelensky speaks in Borodinka on May 8, with two destroyed and burned homes in the background. Ukraine has not celebrated Victory Day since 2014, but a day of reconciliation and remembrance. According to Russian leader Vladimir, victory in World War II is limited to Russia anyway. My grandfather never spoke of victory either, … Read more

A Ukrainian Diary: When a Dissident Becomes a Mayor. – culture

In the letters I receive via the official government chat, I read that in Vasylivka, Zaporizhia region, a collaborator has been appointed to replace the current mayor. Not the first and certainly not the last case of cooperation, but since Wassylivka is the home of my friend O. and her family, I asked her if … Read more

Ukrainian Diaries: The Story of Goodness – Culture

Just before midnight on the 2nd of April, I received a message from an unknown number on the Viber chat service. “I, K., on March 8, spoke to German journalists at the train station in Chernivtsi (Chernovitz) while I was waiting with my 93-year-old mother and grandmother for the bus to the border crossing. Can … Read more

Ukrainian Diary: If This Isn’t a Miracle – Culture

The German journalist visits us on Thursday accompanied by his Romanian friend FU. The friend is of Ukrainian origin, speaks an old Bukovinian Ukrainian language, is a businessman in Vatra Dorny: he owns a rest house, a boarding house, a small factory where wooden huts are made. He also feels a connection with Chernowitz, his … Read more