Debate on the Ukraine War: The mood in Germany is reminiscent of August 1914

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Ukraine War Debate: A Deadly Tension for Large-Scale Cleanup

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How did we Germans suddenly start to care about Ukraine

The unease in political debates today stems from the harshness with which the positions of the speakers concerned are presented. Of course, ardent arguments about right and wrong were not about the beauty of the argument and the tone of the contradiction. How many one-dimensional articles about the war in Ukraine—whether printed in popular newspapers … Read more

Ukrainian diaries: sleeping bags in the office – Culture

For a few days now, one topic has been preoccupying university staff: non-payment of salaries. The salary is always paid in two installments, one of which is by the middle of the month. It is now said that there will be no more before the end of the month. The situation is the same across … Read more

A new beginning in Berlin: the Ukrainian wants to get out of the expected state policy

Before Olha (right) came to host Ulla in Berlin-Friedenau, she lived in an initial reception center on the site of a former mental hospital in Berlin-Reineckendorf. Photo: Christoph Soeder / dpa The first from Kyiv witnessed the start of the Russian attack on the night train in February. The fear of those hours is still … Read more

Photo of Contender Yuri Minenko – Culture

In the first act of George Frideric Handel’s opera series “Julio Caesar in Ijeto”, the triumphant Caesar sings of the soul of his deceased opponent Pompeius. In a production of the Göttingen International Festival of the Handel, Ukrainian counter-counter Yuri Minenko stands alone on the German stage in this song. A torch goes off from … Read more

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia: what does Putin want? |

As of: 01/24/2022 8:28 PM The Ukrainian conflict is approaching the climax: Russia is moving more and more troops to the Ukrainian border. Germany continues to rule out arms deliveries to Ukraine and has been criticized for doing so. A conversation with political scientist Marcus Kayem. listen to another 7 minutes Mr. Kayem, we are … Read more

Voices from culture about the war in Ukraine |

Status: 02/26/2022 09:35 AM How does culture interact with the war in Ukraine? Feedback from northern Germany and Ukraine and from the literary and musical scene, for example from Olena Kushpler, Pussy Riot, Anna Vinnitskaya and Ljudmila Ulitzkaja. listen to another 5 minutes by Vanessa Woolrath “This is a black day in the history of … Read more

Wheat from Ukraine – the granary of the world is in danger

The tractors are also a symbol of the protests against the war that Russia has started in Ukraine. Footage posted on social media this week showed farmers in the southern Kherson region apparently driving, honking, and Ukrainian flags hung on vehicles – despite the heavy Russian military presence on the ground. In the so-called granary … Read more

Culture – The war in Ukraine stirs up world culture – Culture

Berlin (dpa) – Russia’s attack on Ukraine has stirred up the cultural world as well. World famous Russian opera singer Anna Netrebko commented on Instagram this weekend. She wrote that she was against this war. “I am Russian and I love my country, but I have many friends in Ukraine and the pain and suffering … Read more