€9 ticket experience: will you also pay €69?

The ticket for 9 euros was well received by German citizens. no wonder. For little money in regional transport through Germany, without having to care about tariff zones. amazing. Just go in and go. And what about after summer? Shall we get back to work? So everything is back to normal? What ticket models will … Read more

Environment – The Alliance continues its struggle for a position in combustion engines from 2035 – Wikipedia

BERLIN (dpa) – In the dispute over the German position on the possible end of combustion engines at the European Union level, there remains a clear line from the federal government. This Tuesday, EU member states will decide at the Environment Council whether to support a ban on new registrations of combustion-engine vehicles from 2035. … Read more

Benetton B193: Chaumes Benetton up for auction

Benetton B193B up for auction £1.1 million for Schumi-Benetton Bonham is auctioned off by Michael Schumacher’s Benetton B193B (1993). The F1 race car is said to be priced at at least £1.1m. The legendary car will go under the hammer on June 24th. Michael Schumacher, the upcoming Formula 1 racer, is up for sale. In … Read more

Tank discount fading: first call to cancel

Mineral oil companies as “war exploiters” Off to discount tank? Excess tax will be checked on 1.6. The tank discount that was introduced does not align well with drivers, and now there are first calls to cancel it early. Tax on excess profits is also discussed. At the beginning of June, the energy tax on … Read more

Sports Car Registration May 2022 | Car engine and sports

Sports cars are back again in May: 2,638 sports cars mean an 18.7 percent drop compared to May 2021. The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) in Flensburg registered a total of 207,199 new passenger car registrations in May 2022. This puts the rate of registrations per month under review at 10.2 percent compared to May … Read more

Cargo bikes: what you should know

Berlin The cargo bike is, in short, a mule pack on two wheels. Cargo bikes are booming: “Cargo bikes are growing in popularity in Germany. Last year, we were able to record over 60 per cent growth in cargo bike sales,” says Anke Schäffner of the Federation of the Bicycle Industry (ZIV) in Berlin. You … Read more

Accidents – Train Crash in Bavaria: What We Know – What We Don’t – Panorama

Garmisch-Partenkirchen (dpa) – Train derails, five dead: Friday one of the worst train accidents in recent years occurred near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The reason is not clear. This is the fourth train accident in Germany since 2016 that has killed people. All four incidents occurred in Bavaria. But in Bad Aibling 2016, in Aichach 2018 and in … Read more

Berlin: Car crashes into crowd near Bretchedplatz – what we know

updated Tauntzi Berlin: Car crashes into crowd – what we know 06/08/2022, 12:58 PM | Reading time: 3 minutes On the corner of Tawentzinstrasse and Marburgerstrasse, a Renault Clio drove into the window of a Douglas branch. picture: Ulrich Kreitzer The back of the car is clearly visible. picture: Odd Andersen / AFP The circumstances … Read more

What you need to know before the start of Wednesday

Berlin Where can I buy the ticket in time? Tickets are and will continue to be available via applications, ticket offices, customer centers and other points of sale of the relevant transport companies and associations. Since Monday, the German Carriers Association (VDV) has its own “9-Euro-Ticket” application, which can be downloaded from the usual platforms … Read more