How can a person live with animals – Culture

Anyone who passes by the “Schau Fenster” exhibition on Berlin’s Lobeckstraße in the coming days and weeks will see the exact opposite of things like insect spray, ant bait, and mousetraps, as in the windows of a department store, namely: the building elements of the “Architecture of Coexistence”. This is said to be “man-made architecture … Read more

Monkeypox: What we know about the virus discovered in London

UK health officials have confirmed a case of monkeypox in a person who recently came from Nigeria. This is a rare viral infection associated with smallpox. The UKHSA said on Saturday that the patient was being treated by a specialist in the isolation ward at Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital in London. UKHSA did not … Read more

Letter to Environment Minister: Animal rights activists demand bounty hunting ban – Wikipedia

This brown stuffed bear, on display at the customs investigation offices in Frankfurt am Main (Hesse), has been confiscated by customs. Photo: Photo Alliance / Boris Rossler / dpa Trophy hunting for endangered animals is still legal in many cases. It’s not just animal rights activists who are shocked. Any organization goes directly to the … Read more

The flag – Smart Cooley, loyal boxer? Race hardly determines behavior – Wikipedia

Worcester (dpa) – a dog breed that doesn’t say much about the temperament of a four-legged friend. According to a recent study, many behaviors are hereditary, such as whether a dog is more playful, docile or attentive. However, the differences between individual dogs are usually greater than those between individual breeds, according to a report … Read more

Monogenic honey: How do bees know which flowers they are flying to?

single type honey How do bees stay loyal to some flowers? 04/25/2022, 11:50 AM From light to dark yellow, almost brown, acacia, rapeseed, linden, summer blossom: honey comes in many varieties. But how do bees know what kind of flower to fly to? How many types of honey are there in this country and what … Read more

Nature – Uslar – Wild animals find their way to southern Lower Saxony – Wikipedia

Uslar (dpa / lni) – The lynx has returned to Weserbergland. The same applies to many other wild animals. More and more indigenous animals are finding their way to southern Lower Saxony. Conservation organizations and forest owners welcome the development. However, the new stock is not yet stable because there is often no genetic exchange … Read more

Germany: Meat without cows and pigs – knowledge

Petra Kluger, project manager at the University of Applied Chemistry in Reutlingen, with a piece of artificial meat. Photo: Bernd Weißbrod / dpa Eat meat without killing animals? Petra Kluger wants to achieve this with her team at the University of Reutlingen. 3D printer spitting out ‘flesh’. I’m sorry what Reutlingen Jannis Wollschlaeger goes to … Read more