Ukraine: The cultural landscape expresses solidarity |

Status: 02/25/2022 08:36 AM After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, not only expressions of solidarity can be seen on the streets. What forms of protest can exist in cultural institutions and social media? by Julian Bergmann The news of Putin’s war and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shocked and alarmed many. Thousands of people have already … Read more

Corona measures: No more solidarity with the weak? |

Status: 04/30/2022 07:41 AM The expiration of the corona measures means that patients at risk have an increased risk of developing serious illness. In an interview, Ethics Council member Professor Andreas Loeb-Hudebol called for voluntary restraint. listen to another 5 minutes Professor Loeb Hodepole, have we completely abandoned solidarity with vulnerable groups? Andreas Loeb Hodebol: … Read more

Solidarity with Ukraine: the show must go on

While they were on tour in Italy, war broke out in their homeland: this fate befell the Ukrainian circus performers Elysium. In a great solidarity campaign, theaters in several Italian cities agreed to perform the play without a schedule in order to give the artists a chance to work. In Reggio Emilia, artists’ families find … Read more