How Barcelona now wants to acquire Robert Lewandowski – sports news on ice hockey, winter sports and more

Many wonder how a financially devastated club like FC Barcelona could manipulate the idea of ​​bringing in big stars like Robert Lewandowski. Club leaders have a plan. The scene of change around Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski is causing more and more turmoil at FC Barcelona – and has now extended to the national team … Read more

Ovtcharov, Neu-Ulm and War: The Birth of a Super Team – Sports news on ice hockey, winter sports and more

There was no such team in table tennis. TTC Neu-Ulm has committed to four world class stars for the upcoming season. What seems astonishing would not have been possible without the war in Ukraine. Dusseldorf vs Saarbrücken in the German Cup Final. Dusseldorf vs Saarbrücken in the Champions League semi-finals. And Saturday again in Frankfurt: … Read more

Cheer up in Hungary: Goretzka & Co. as a social conscience – sports news on ice hockey, winter sports and more

Football professionals don’t just have to play football well. You also have a social responsibility. This is evident with the national team. Thumb and forefinger united at the heart in front of the chest. Eyes were fixed on the black mob in the stands. Look, love can not be denied! With his goal celebration in … Read more

Once again Alba vs Bayern – Hoeneß: ‘Take the momentum’ – Sports news on ice hockey, winter sports and more

The final duel between the two great teams was almost over. But Bayern avoided the end. Now against Alba. Berliners go to the series in comfort. The road to the ultimate dream was for basketball players from Bayern Munich Harder than expected. While the professionals from Alba Berlin could relax on the sofa with fun, … Read more

Steve Kerr: Coach with a clear stance on gun laws – sports news about ice hockey, ice sports and more

With his passionate rhetoric against gun violence, Steve Kerr has drawn attention far beyond the basketball world. The coach suffered a tragic loss early in his life. When Steve Kerr hit the table two weeks ago, expressing his frustration and grief over the recent shootings and America’s lax gun laws, it came from the bottom … Read more

Flick: “I loved the way we played football” – sports news about ice hockey, winter sports and more

For the third time in a row, the national team plays 1-1 against a well-known opponent. Hansi Flick is still satisfied after the equalizer with England – despite the draw shortly before the end. Questions for national coach Hansi Flick after the 1-1 draw in the Nations League Munich against England. Question: I made seven … Read more

Blatter and Platini trial begins – sports news about ice hockey, winter sports and more

Once the rulers of world football – after their downfall, Joseph Blatter and Michel Platini are now on trial. It will be interesting to see if the Frenchman can prove his “conspiracy” accusation. dpa 07.06.2022 | As of 10:53 a.m. There are two of the biggest unanswered questions in the most scandalous official world of … Read more

Sunny’s Puzzle: Flick Supports a “Delicate” Kicker – Sports news on ice hockey, winter sports and more

On a good day, Leroy Sane is a player who makes a better team. In stressful times like against Italy, the turbo kicker annoys coaches, teammates and fans. What does Flick do with him against England? Leroy Sané is a player who repels the sense of happiness. This is certain. Feeling good may start with … Read more

After tears from Ukraine: ‘Tomorrow can be your country’ – sports news on ice hockey, winter sports and more

The Ukrainian national team, unfortunately, missed the opportunity to participate in the World Cup. After the defeat in Wales, matters of sport quickly went downhill. Alas, Oleksandr Petrakov addressed the world with touching words. “You know what’s happening in Ukraine now. The war is raging all over the country,” the Ukraine national team coach said … Read more

0-1 in Wales: Ukraine miss the World Cup with an own goal – Sports news about ice hockey, winter sports and more

The dream of the World Cup in Qatar exploded: Ukrainian footballers, unfortunately, lost the decisive match on the last European card. Instead, Wales celebrates. And the unlucky Andrei Yarmolenko covered his face with his hands and shook his head. The captain was no consolation, Ukraine squandered the World Cup with his own goal for everything. … Read more