From Bad Tolls to Wolfratshausen: Eight Days of Culture – Bad Tolls Wolfratshausen

Mader Study “Objectivity, Vision” is the name of a publication published a few days ago by Deutscher Kunstverlag, dedicated to Munich painter and graphic artist Josef Mader (1905-1982). The study will be presented Thursday, May 19, at the museum with a round of talks about how the book came to be Binzburg Introduction (starting at … Read more

A legend in the wrong city – Sports

The day when Felix Magath became a hamburger legend started with a surprise. There are only hours left before the start of the European Cup final against Juventus Turin in Athens. And Ernst Abel, the HSV coach at the time, did not ask the team to go for their usual walk after breakfast. But for … Read more

HSV striker Robert Glatzel: Amal Seller – sport

Pretty much everyone has probably wondered what it would be like if you could talk to yourself in the future. After all, the future self knows everything that will happen at some point. Only: Would Robert Glatzel have believed himself in the future if they had met ten years ago? The striker had learned things … Read more

Wolfgang Knebel: “Sociology before history” – Culture

What we haven’t already! Pre-modern society, class society, industrial society, post-industrial society first delayed, then suddenly postmodern, before becoming worse, transient and in decline, but certainly an accelerating society. Soon we will probably be a digital community or a singularity, if the Corona community or even the post-hero community doesn’t get involved again in the … Read more

Ukrainian diaries: sleeping bags in the office – Culture

For a few days now, one topic has been preoccupying university staff: non-payment of salaries. The salary is always paid in two installments, one of which is by the middle of the month. It is now said that there will be no more before the end of the month. The situation is the same across … Read more

‘Stassi comedy’ in cinema: aren’t we all a little stazy? – culture

Sure, you could happen to become a Stasi officer. As a young man still somewhat aimless, you stand at a crossroads. Among the quiet prefab buildings of East Berlin in the early 1980s, the streets were so empty that one of these balls of bush comes past, which in the West is a symbol of … Read more

Ice hockey – alone among men – Campbell as the first coach in the World Cup – sport

Helsinki (AFP) – When the question comes about her leading role in the men’s ice hockey world, Jessica Campbell laughs briefly. “It’s great to pave the way for others,” replied the German team’s assistant and first coach at the Men’s World Cup in Helsinki. But this is not the most important thing for her. “Everyone, … Read more

Stage winner Benyam Jermay: He can do everything – except open bottles of champagne – sports

Champagne, sparkling wine, corks, Benyam Germain does not put all these terrible words in his mouth. But he can already smile a little when he returns from his medical on Wednesday afternoon. “Of course I’m sad. But my eyes need some rest now” – the Eritrean man said goodbye at the moment of his biggest … Read more

Warrior and gentleman: on the death of basketball player Ademola Okulaja – Sports

Long sports careers often resemble adventure trips, as is Ademola Okulaja. His career led him to great heights and deep crises before he resigned in 2008 after various positions in Europe and the USA and as one of the most important German basketball players. Now, surprisingly to the public, he passed away at the age … Read more

Monuments – Bad Langensalza – German World Heritage Sites must be known “carefully” – Culture

Bad Langensalza (dpa/s) – Germany’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites should be better known. This requires careful, high-quality tourism at an appropriate scale for antiquities, a spokeswoman said Wednesday at the annual meeting of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Germany. For this purpose, among other things, visitor flows should be directed in such a way as … Read more