A new novel by Leona Stallman – Munich

Venice has already sunk into the sea. Daily life is affected by floods, droughts, temperatures over 47 degrees and plastic waste that spoils bathing in the sea. People sit in their dorms, stare at screens and move their thumbs across the screens. “The rule was: There can never be pictures. The truth was: We didn’t … Read more

“Dunes”: Are there deadly sandworms on Earth? – Community

Sandworms are the beginning of all evil, at least in the sci-fi saga “Dune”. American author Frank Herbert achieved stature with his series of novels from 1965 onwards, books were shot in 1984 and a new version was successfully released in cinemas. In the “Dunes”, feral worms live in subterranean tunnel systems, sucking all liquid … Read more

Munich: What the 2022 Literature Festival offers – Munich

Against a blue and yellow background, a dove of peace approaches a young woman with her nose ring covered with some kind of slate in front of her head, doodles hovering around her. Posters adorning flyers and posters for the Literature Festival 2022 at a glance show what was needed for a number of words … Read more

Donna Lyon is 80 years old – Culture

The fact that she doesn’t really care about her significant birthday has spread in the media a few days ago. Anyone who has had the pleasure of getting to know her better knows that Donna Lyon doesn’t like being the center of attention. This relates not only to its emphatic democratic outlook, but also to … Read more

Who still reads Ernst Ginger today? Especially men – culture

Ernst Ginger was not weak. “He took cold baths every morning until he was old, which was hard for him,” said Rudolf Augustin admiringly in his obituary. The flexible attitude attributed to the writer is not only attractive in times of rising energy costs. Talking to pupils has a high potential for excitement. He is … Read more

The documentary film “In the Ice” in the cinema: In the eternal ice culture

Midday in the frigid desert: Professor Jason Books uses the sun, puts on his underpants, sunglasses and neon headscarf, throws his sleeping mat into the snow and does some yoga: Chaturanga, dog facing up, face down dog. There is nothing around it but a gleaming, shadowless white that stretches to the horizon, and above it … Read more

‘Everyone talks about the weather’ at the cinema: stuck in a hamster wheel – Culture

Crumble cherry or tangerine quark? This is the crucial question. In Berlin, Clara is doing her Ph.D. on Hegel’s concept of freedom. But in her mother’s kitchen, far away in the flat countryside of the eastern German provinces, things were quite different. What a bread cake. Are you stuck in traffic? Or what the weather … Read more

Nothing New in the West in cinemas and on Netflix: Hell – Culture

It is now about a quarter of a century since the German language teacher, Dr. N found someone with a Stephen King book under the school desk, even though Nothing New in the West was in the curriculum. But his anger was rather mild, for everyone had no book under the seat at all, except … Read more

Media – Emmy Awards: A Year of Real TV Life – Media

Los Angeles (dpa) – These are the world’s top TV awards: On Monday evening, the Primetime Emmy Awards will be shown at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. As always, they are also evidence of what has recently been amusing and occupying people. And this year it means one thing above all: realism rather than … Read more

“Hano and Emergencies” by Anjan Meras: Why here, why me – Culture

The new calendar starts on Friday. “We’re having a guest,” says Mams to Hanno and Tim. “This might be inconvenient,” Hanno thought. He is even more shocked when he finds out who he is. Ben, a girl in his class. “Your mother’s so tired, Hanno, I’d like to give between your room,” Mams explains. Hano’s … Read more