Handy for everything: The best of Sky including Paramount+ and Netflix for a limited time…

12/01/2022 – 12:30 PM Sky Germany Unterfoehring (ots) An attractive all-in-one offering just in time for Paramount+’s launch in Germany and Austria All inclusive: Sky Entertainment with 1 year of free Netflix (Entertainment Plus), cinema, sports and Bundesliga for €30 per month From December 8: Paramount + included for Sky Cinema customers Unterfoehring, 1st December … Read more

World Cup Documentary, Series Sebastian Fitzek and Team LOL – Amazon Prime Video with big ads

Whether it’s a soccer documentary about the World Cup or literary adaptations from the realms of crime and youth fiction – Amazon Prime Video has made many ads. BrAt82/Shutterstock.com Amazon has released large content ads for its Prime video streaming portal. At the “Prime Video Presents Deutschland” event, the company provided insights into new products … Read more

True Crime: These are the 19 Best Documentary Series on Netflix & Co.

True Crime: The 19 Best Documentary Series on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky & Co. Shocking stories, psychopathic stories serial killer And the police officerswho are in a race against time the criminal Arrest – not only them Ingredients For a good show, but also for the genre True crime. that in the latter events Based … Read more

Prime Video cancels “Night Sky.”

view | With “Night Sky,” Amazon Prime Video has canceled one of its biggest streaming debuts yet in 2022 after just one season. Our editor Michael Hill thinks: Even series fans who haven’t watched “Night Sky” should be upset about it. It’s a sad fact: If you are a fan of a good sci-fi series, … Read more

Who can reserve Prime Video for only €3.99

Since mid-August, Prime customers have had to pay more for their membership. What many people don’t know: There is a reduced rate for both students and financially vulnerable people. Below we summarize whether you can withdraw the special tariff and what to consider. Online shipping giant Amazon They recently raised the price of Prime subscriptions. … Read more

“The Watcher”: The True Story Behind the Netflix Series

With “The Watcher,” the Netflix mystery thriller series that is based on real events and thus fits in with the current real crime hype begins. You can find out more about the real story behind the hit series in the article. Netflix Nora (Naomi Watts) and Dean (Bobby Cannavale) have just moved in, but their … Read more

Don’t you feel like you are in the World Cup? 7 alternatives – and where to broadcast them

view | Because of so many controversies, not many feel like going to the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. So our editor Michael Hill has put together 7 alternatives, movies as well as series and documentaries that are primarily about football. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has caused a lot of anger. Quite … Read more

Streaming tips: Our editorial team recommends TV series for the fall season

the crown The drama series is dedicated to the life of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, with many famous actors and actresses making the series their award-winning masterpiece. Seen on: Netflix Sons of Anarchy Tough guys, lots of rough talk. The “Sons of Anarchy” action-drama series about the motorcycle gang of the same name may be … Read more

Trailer and artwork for Wasp Season 2 are available now

Unterfoehring (ots) – – From December 15, 2022 on Sky and WOWComedy series produced by Gaumont for Sky StudiosDirector: Toby Baumann, based on screenplays by Jan Berger– Florian Lucas, Lisa Wagner and Leonard Schecher will once again play the main rolesOther roles include Merritt Becker, Katja Villen, Peter Lemire, Henry Morales, and Aleksandar Jovanovic.– All … Read more

Instead of the World Cup in Qatar: the best football series as an alternative – 5 series and 2 documentaries

The start of the FIFA World Cup – a guarantee of great celebrations, public viewing and high ratings. But this year everything is different: the FIFA World Cup is held not only in winter, but also in Qatar. The award in February 2015 was not without controversy, and criticism of the “World Cup nation” Qatar … Read more