Osnabrück Musical Prize for violinist Dmitriy Smirnov | NDR.de – Culture – Broadcasts

When young Russian violinist Dmitry Smirnov took home second prize at the ARD International Music Competition in Munich last fall, he thought little about an impending war in Ukraine. A jury from Osnabrück traveled to Munich with the goal of finding a special musician for the Osnabrück Music Prize 2021 among all the participants in … Read more

Age of “Isenfuss” Oli Buruka 60 – Fought hard through life | NDR.de – Sports

Status: 05/19/2022 08:24 AM As a defender, Ole Boruka was a solid footballer who celebrated huge success with Werder Bremen. But he won the most important duel of his life off the court, against himself and his alcoholism. Borowka celebrates his 60th birthday today and has been dry for nearly 22 years. by Hano Bod … Read more

‘BRZRKR’ comic by Keanu Reeves: So much violence, so little depth | NDR.de – Culture – Book

Status: 2019/05/19 06:00 AM Keanu Reeves is known as an actor. But as a comic book artist? Its volumes have already been published in America and a Netflix series is also planned. Now the first volume appears in German. by Matthias Heller “Comics are great,” says Keanu Reeves. He was a child psychiatrist in “To … Read more

Amen: Marcel Moring’s novel about love and loneliness NDR.de – Culture – Book

Status: 2019/05/19 06:00 AM “Amen” is the title of the seventh novel by Dutch author Marcel Moring. Amen as the last word of the prayer confirms and confirms everything that was said before. Amen is like a small village in northeastern Holland where an archaeologist lives and works. by Claudia Ingenhoven The man does not … Read more

“On the Edge of Bliss”: Discovering the Beach | NDR.de – Culture – Book

Status: 05/19/2022 00:00 On the Brink of Happiness. Around the Beach by Leipzig Bettina Balchief, now nominated for a German Non-Fiction Prize, tells how paradoxical the beach can be. Bettina Balchief had an easy summer book in mind. I went out to find what drives people to the beach. But she soon realizes that here, … Read more

Spitzweg: Eckhart Nickel’s novel NDR.de – Culture – Book

Status: 05/18/2022 06:00 AM In the 2017 Ingeborg Bachmann competition, Eckhart Nickel received the Kelag Prize for excerpts from his first novel, “Hysteria”. Now his second novel is out. by Claudia Cosmo I’ve always said it: Recording is totally overrated, back to drawing! reading sample Karl turned to the truth and the original and devoted … Read more

General Director of Music Mark Rudd extends his stay in Schwerin | NDR.de – Culture – Music

Status: 05/18/2022 06:00 AM Mark Rudy conducts the Mecklenburg State Orchestra in Schwerin for a year and a half. The Hamburg home will remain Germany’s third oldest orchestra until 2027. Because the contract as general director of music has already been extended. by Axel Seitz Mark Rudy runs the Mecklenburgische Staatskapelle Schwerin, with works by … Read more

Hertha BSC – HSV: Data Analysis and Tactics for Landing | NDR.de – Sports

Status: 05/17/2022 09:00 AM HSV plays in the relegation zone against Hertha BSC for its return to the Bundesliga. Who has a better chance? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents? Dueling in checking data and tactics. by Sebastian Ragus Drama offers abundant landings. Who knows that better than fans of Hamburger SV … Read more

Göttingen Handel Competition 2022: A juror tells the story | NDR.de – Culture – Music

Status: 05/17/2022 08:15 AM Since 2017, the göttingen händel competition has focused on promoting young talent and closely combines the content of the competition with the festival’s slogan. The competition is an important part of the Göttingen Handel Festival. by Christian Ergang The first prize was awarded in the amount of €5,000 and presented at … Read more

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia: what does Putin want? | NDR.de

As of: 01/24/2022 8:28 PM The Ukrainian conflict is approaching the climax: Russia is moving more and more troops to the Ukrainian border. Germany continues to rule out arms deliveries to Ukraine and has been criticized for doing so. A conversation with political scientist Marcus Kayem. listen to another 7 minutes Mr. Kayem, we are … Read more