Maria Furtwängler: “I’d like to make a musical crime scene” | – Culture

Status: 05/08/2022 08:43 AM Since 2002, Maria Furtwängler has played Inspector Charlotte Lindholm in Tatort Niedersachsen. The longevity and popularity of her character is something special. Furtwangler still has big plans for this role. by Dani Marquez Marcalo 20 years: Maria Furtwängler has played Charlotte Lindholm at the crime scene in Lower Saxony for a … Read more

Goodbye to Netflix & Co: What your media library might look like these days

His thumb moves anxiously over the remote control panel. Thumbnails for movies and series fly over the smoothly moving surface of the Smart TV. Today Neflix? No. Could Marvel have put together superhero stories on Disney+? What is the name of the series a year ago on Amazon Prime that was supposed to have a … Read more

Animals – Pigcasso pig drawing in an expressive style – Wikipedia

Franschhoek (dpa) – A Pigcasso is actually an ordinary pig. She loves to eat, she loves mud baths, and she loves to be lazy. But the six-year-old maid, who lives in a sanctuary in the grape-growing village of Franschhoek in South Africa, has a very unusual hobby: she paints pictures. Pigcasso brushes two or three … Read more

Animals – South African pig “Pigcasso” paints great art – Wikipedia

Franschhoek (dpa) – A Pigcasso is actually an ordinary pig. She loves to eat, she loves mud baths, and she loves to be lazy. But the six-year-old hare has a very unusual hobby: she paints pictures, and she does it with great artistic talent. The pig lives on a sanctuary in the South African wine … Read more

Basketball – Steve Kerr: A coach with a clear stance on gun laws

SAN FRANCISCO (Associated Press) – When Steve Kerr hit the table two weeks ago and showed his frustration and grief over recent shootings and America’s lax gun laws, it came from the bottom of his heart. The Golden State Warriors basketball coach, who currently plays the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals for the fourth … Read more

Ron Bellecki freaks out! Drunken YouTubers mob: “Low-income folks!” – People

A tasteless post by YouTuber Ron Bielecki (23). At a Ramstein concert in Berlin, he lost his composure so much that he made fun of a man – and now he’s leaving his fans speechless. If you haven’t heard of Ron Bielecki before: the gel-haired young man became known on the Internet, among other things, … Read more

Anniversary celebrations wrap up: The Queen is back on the balcony – Culture & Entertainment

Celebrations of the Queen’s 70th birthday ended after the surprise public appearance of Queen Elizabeth II. The King appeared again on Sunday afternoon in a green mantle and matching hat on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, waving to hundreds of thousands of jubilant spectators. Her closest relatives stood by her side: her son and heir … Read more

Party in the Palace: A Historical Scene of the Queen – Culture and Entertainment

LONDON (AFP) – Shortly before the finale, 73-year-old Prince Charles became a child again. “Your Majesty, my mother,” the heir to the throne turns to his mother the queen. On behalf of the entire country, and indeed the world, he thanks her eldest son Queen Elizabeth II for her rule. It’s the emotional climax of … Read more

Music – Finsterwald – “Embracing the People”: An Evening with David Helfgot – Culture

Potsdam (dpa/bb) – At first he went on stage a bit awkwardly. Then he looks at the audience, throws waves and winks mischievously – before suddenly his hands fly over the piano keys. Anyone who has experienced Australian pianist David Helfgott knows how great his concerts are. The musician speaks while playing, mumbling something incomprehensible … Read more

Music – Berlin – Doctors: a new album “The concerts are missing” – Culture

Berlin/Hanover (DPA) – The punk d’Ertesie has found itself on stage after years of crisis. “It’s an exciting feeling,” said guitarist Farren Orloop of the German news agency dpa in Berlin after the first performances. “I don’t want it anymore, it was done too quickly,” the 58-year-old said, referring to the band’s protracted crisis. The … Read more