Common Polio –

November 9, 2021 at 2:00 am The last case of polio, or polio for short, occurred in Austria in 1980. This highly contagious viral disease causes symptoms of varying severity, from harmless febrile seizures to paralysis of the limbs, eyelids, chest, and respiratory muscles. The mortality rate is between twenty-two percent, in Austria eight percent … Read more

Opera from Ukraine: Musicians whose homeland is being bombed – Culture

Swan Lake. In the second act of Beethoven’s only opera Fidelio, Leonor and Florestan, whom she rescues, meet and sing their “unknown joy”, after which the plot is interrupted in several performances and followed by “Leonor Introduction” No. 3. There is a break here too, but there is no music for Beethoven . But by … Read more

The Bolshoi Theater in Moscow: canceling unwelcome plays – Culture

There was no official announcement, only a post on Telegram: “Instead of the announced performances of the ballet about Rudolf Nureyev, ‘Spartacus’ will be performed, this is what the Bolshoi announced in Moscow last Sunday evening. Without explanation. However, the cancellation, which also affects the The opera “Don Pasquale”, speaks volumes: the merits of the … Read more

State conference at Karlstor Station wants to promote diversity in culture

Heidelberg. New site, new logo: The Sixth Intergovernmental Conference of the Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts took place in Baden-Württemberg on Thursday at Karlstor Station in Heidelberg under the theme “Cultural Action Today: Diversity, Openness and Empowerment”. In cooperation with the Forum der Kulturen Stuttgart and the Center for Cultural Participation in Baden-Württemberg, … Read more

‘Tannhäuser’ premiere: booing and cheers in Hamburg | – Culture

Status: 04/25/2022 09:56 AM Backlash at the Hamburg Opera at the Sunday premiere of “Tannhäuser”: Klaus-Florian Vogt and other singers were encouraged to star in the title role. The grading was not good. listen to another 4 minutes by Daniel Kaiser In the end, many jumped in their seats: cheers to Klaus Florian Vogt, whose … Read more

30 years of the Leipzig vocal ensemble Amarcord: “We’re raising the flag!”

However, you studied medicine first, which helped you during the pandemic: you worked in the field of vaccination. Were you the envy of your fellow musicians for this opportunity? I was going to do this on a voluntary basis, I consider the development of mRNA vaccines a blessing and thus I can have educational conversations … Read more

“we are here!” Venice honors black artists

Venice. With the award of two internationally acclaimed artists from the black community, the jury at the Venice Biennale of the Arts have set an example. Britain’s Sonia Boyce and American Simone Lee received today, Saturday, the most important prizes of the Biennale in the Lagoon City, with a pair of two golden lions. AdUnit … Read more

The 59th Venice Biennale opens its doors

Apr 22, 2022 at 7:12 PM APA / AFP / Vincenzo PINTO Curator Cecilia Alemany in front of Simon Lee’s bronze statue “The Brick House” in the second largest venue of the Biennale, the former Arsenal. New York-based curator Cecilia Alemani has invited 213 artists from 58 countries with more than 1,500 artworks to the … Read more

The opera “Judaism” in Kiel: an appeal against anti-Semitism – Culture – Music

Status: 03/25/2022 09:06 AM “Judaism” was one of the most successful opera houses of the nineteenth century. In Paris alone, “La Juive” has been shown more than 500 times since 1835. It’s about anti-Semitism, hate speech and hate speech. The opera is now celebrating its first show in Kiel. listen to another 4 minutes by … Read more