The back of a healthy child is the foundation

Bremerford (ots) – When we think of our children’s growth, the growth of their backs rarely comes to mind. Back pain in children? This is unimaginable to many. The topic is very important since childhood. After all, the foundation for subsequent health is laid in early childhood. How certain environments and conditions promote children’s development … Read more

Filming of the third season of Sky Original Der Pass – Production / Sky Germany and W & B Television

Unterfoehring (ots) – Shooting from June to October in Bavaria and AustriaLeading roles: Julia Jensh and Nicholas OvcharikDirected by: Christopher Scheer and Thomas W. KinnastScreenplay: Christopher Scherr, Sinad Hallelpasic, Robert BuchwinterProducers: Oliver Vogel, Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann Co-produced with Epo-Film Executive Producer: Quirin Schmidt– Exclusive broadcast on Sky in Germany and Austria in the … Read more