Goodbye to Netflix & Co: What your media library might look like these days

His thumb moves anxiously over the remote control panel. Thumbnails for movies and series fly over the smoothly moving surface of the Smart TV. Today Neflix? No. Could Marvel have put together superhero stories on Disney+? What is the name of the series a year ago on Amazon Prime that was supposed to have a … Read more

When only beauty was allowed to be white, athletic, and young

Anyone who went to a gay party in the late 1990s and early 2000s would encounter no fewer than six men wearing an Abercrombie & Fitch shirt. Those who wore the brand wanted to point out: I’m sexy, athletic, fit, good-looking, famous—a kind of “all American guy.” A new Netflix documentary, White Hot: The Rise … Read more

Your flagellar. Hostage Drama: Volker Hayes Netflix Movie

JFor your literature, this is not just the name of an unexciting town in the northern Ruhr region. Since 1988, it has also become synonymous with one of the most spectacular crimes in the history of the Federal Republic, which began with a bank robbery and kidnapping, moved across the country and ended 54 hours … Read more

Comic Adaptation: Here’s the “Sandman” Movie Trailer – Culture

Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” is one of the best sitcoms to have appeared in the United States. Netflix has ventured into an adaptation of the film. Now there are first impressions. Millions of fans of Neil Gaiman’s era-making series “Sandman” have long been convinced that there could never, but really be, a movie adaptation of this … Read more

The end of Netflix and Disney as we know it: Paramount+’s Tom Ryan breaks biggest taboo

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Stranger Things Season 5: Beginning, Casting, and Storytelling

The mystery series “Stranger Things” will be on Netflix with the fifth season. Here’s what’s already known about the launch, plot, and cast. Stranger Things gets another season and thus enters the fifth round. The idea for this terrifying sci-fi series came from twin brothers Matt and Ross Dover. Stranger Things is set in the … Read more

‘Pleasure Principles’ on Netflix – What You Should Know About Women, Sex, and Orgasm

“I can name 90 slang names for my genitals,” says a woman in the Netflix documentary Principles of Pleasure. But do you know exactly what her vulva is? Look a little helpless. The other women who are incredibly open about their sexual experiences, lusts, and bodies in the three-part series have no idea either. This … Read more

Review: Moon Knight S01E05 + E06 – Asylum / Gods and Beasts (Definitive Series) – Fact, Fiction, or Madness?

Fabio had already posted his review of the inaugural season of “Moon Knight” some time ago. At the end of his script, he noted that it will likely remain interesting to see how the series’ makers will resolve the story confusion that appears in the first four episodes. I was finally able to watch the … Read more

Netflix Documentary on Michael Schumacher: Life After the Accident

Things have been quiet around Michael Schumacher since he suffered a serious skiing accident in 2013. But now fans of the seven-times world champion have finally been able to see something about their champion once again. The streaming service Netflix has been offering a documentary about the former Formula 1 superstar since September 15. A … Read more

Netflix documentary: 2022 will be the year of Marilyn Monroe

May 4, 2022 at 6:00 pm Netflix Documentation : 2022 will be the year of Marilyn Monroe “Shot Sage Blue Marilyn” (1964) by Andy Warhol: The painting could sell for nearly 180 million euros at auction on May 9 in New York, according to auction house Christie’s. Photo: Photo Alliance / dpa / Christie’s bon … Read more