Bowie Documentary Moonage Daydream: The Sex of David Bowie

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Jella Haase in the new Netflix series Stasi “Kleo”

culture Kleo on Netflix The new Netflix series Stasi with Jella Haase is very good Published on 08/19/2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes Bloody, funny, cool: Gila Hass is Cleo Source: Netflix / Julia Terjung You can listen to the WELT podcast here To view embedded content, your revocable consent to the transfer and processing … Read more

Emmy Awards: A TV year full of the real stuff

TV Awards Emmy Awards: A TV year full of the real stuff 09/12/2022, 2:12 pm | Reading time: 4 minutes By Christian Fehrenbach dpa The Emmys are the most important television awards in the world. Photo: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/dpa The struggle for a media empire, everyday life in a problem school and the special demands of … Read more

Herta Heuer: invented with curry, the cult food of Germans

+ Fee required +++ Herta Heuwer * 30.06.1913-03.07.999 + Inventor of “curry sausage”, at the snack bar in Berlin – July 1966 Source: ullstein bild / von der Becke Uleal ep peleu, pepp pekelte Poeeletllol elu veklketl eaetllolep Blelpulueen kel? Uleal ep peleu, pepp ple enp eluel Nell pleOOl, lu pel ep lu Benlpekteup alen … Read more

Herta Heuer: invented with curry, the cult food of Germans

sPeople look for support especially in mixed times. They need something that was there before the problem and will still be there after it’s over. And whatever can be said against Herbert Grünemeyer, the great German poet – by the way, not so little – these words from the eighties have stood the test of … Read more

Blocco 181 Series: Feminism in the Testosterone Bath (

Always resolute: if a man shows his feelings, they are usually of a bitter nature in the Milan prefab. Photo: sky The rite of initiation, viewers familiar with literature suspect that, at least since Musil’s book “The Confusions of the Pupil Torres” are rarely painless. Yet they are equally agonizing as in “Blocco 181” outside … Read more