For Life: The Boehringer Affair Turns into a Novel

In the case of the murder of millionaire Charlotte Boehringer in 2006, there may be a new movement. The witness may have given false testimony. Her nephew is in prison for the murder of his aunt. “A Lifetime” takes the case in relation to the question of what a murder charge does to the accused’s … Read more

Football – Munich – RB Leipzig is back on track – Sports

RB Leipzig (dpa) – Led by Magic Foot Christopher Nkunko, RB Leipzig won the long-distance duel against cup finalist SC Freiburg in the first division. The recently underpowered Saxons beat FC Augsburg 4-0 (1-0) on Sunday night, climbing to fourth in the Bundesliga and qualifying for the Champions League pre-season in Armenia Bielefeld once again … Read more

Munich: cultural and leisure tips from Edmund Telgenkamper – Munich

Edmund Telgenkamper returned to the Munich Camerspiel for two years after his participation in the Zurich Schauspielhaus. Rehearsals for Wolfram Lutz’s play “Bible 1” are currently an acting challenge for him. For the visionary author (“The Politicians”), who since his “discourse on the impossible stage” has repeatedly broken all theater traditions with anarchic lust, has … Read more

Fiction A Little Truth: The Teacher Writes Munich Stories

Munich Surfing comes from Munich, squirrels bring good luck and the dachshund almost became the common animal of the Bavarian capital. right? of course not. But it could be true! Bastian Mahler always leaves you with that feeling when you read his latest stories in Munich. A conversation in the Neuhauser Friedhof about fake news, … Read more

Munich: City offers free open sports program – Munich

“They are all here too early again!” Standing at the top end of the parkour district, Fynn Naumann has a good overview of what usually happens here every Friday evening: the kids’ training wasn’t complete yet when a group of young men stormed the lounge. Some of them climb the road to their coach. “Can … Read more

Volker Kloppel and Michael Cooper: Avenwerm, the new Kluftinger-Munich thriller

“We would like to stress that there is nothing to see here.” It seems strange at first, the sentence written in capital letters at the entrance to the Hammerschmiede mud pit in Pforzen (Ostallgäu). But the statement is actually true. There is nothing to be seen of “Odo” Danovius Guggenmusi, eleven and a half million … Read more

Munich-Schwabing: Lack of space at Willygraf gymnasium – Munich

Polina still shivered at the thought of the winter months in her classroom. The tenth-grader spent most of the day in a basement room in the Willie-Graf-Gymnasium in Schwabing, 10 to 12 degrees with the windows open due to the halo. And with it the whole high school. Polina says it was “very cold”. “Because … Read more

Munich: Fourth school building program underway – Munich

Not all schools, gymnasiums, and canteens of the city’s first three school building programs have completed a long journey—the Ministry of Education and Sports has already announced a fourth school building program in a status report. The report lists eight construction projects at seven sites, including the modernization of the secondary school in Drygalski-Allee, the … Read more

Munich: cultural and entertainment tips from Elisabeth Hepp – Munich

For several months now, the curator of the Bavarian art collections has been preparing the exhibition “Vive le Pastel!” Before. Opening on the 6th of May. Then the pastels from Alte Pinakothek and from the Staatsgalerie in Neues Schloss Schleißheim shine alongside selected works on loan. At least that’s how Elizabeth Hebb imagines it. She … Read more

Oktoberfest in Munich 2022: Knowledge Oktoberfest from A to Z – Munich

A to eavesdrop Tapping the first beer barrel opens Oktoberfest. This takes place in the Schottenhamel Festival tent. Thomas Wimmer (Social Democratic Party) was the first to strike there in 1950. In 1980 Franz Josef Strauss (CSU) introduced the custom that the prime minister receives the first mass. Christian Audi (SPD) holds the record with … Read more