‘Comedy Stasi’: The Charm of a Fragile Ostalgie Shown in a Corny | NDR.de – Culture

Status: 05/13/2022 10:46 AM Director Leander Haußmann started his “East German Trilogy” in 1999 with “Sonnenallee”. “NVA” followed in 2005 and now “Stasikomödie”, the final part with David Kross and Henry Hübchen, is coming to movie theaters. by Bettina Bulik The title gives a clear indication of what the movie is about. Here you can … Read more

Munich: cultural and entertainment tips from Sharon von Wettersheim – Munich

Animals are important to Sharon von Wettersheim. She was born in America and has four dogs and is the founder of the Animal Welfare Organization. She also deals with them professionally: on May 26, the horse movie “Imenhof – The Great Promise” will be shown in cinemas, which is already the second update of the … Read more

“Heinrich Vogeler” in cinema: the fictional Prince of Worpswede – Culture

A man stands in the swamp and reads. He wears Wilhelminian clothes, but studies Insel’s handbook from 2000. It’s Rilke’s poems, “In und nach Worpswede.” The centuries crumble together in the first scene of the Marie-Noel feature-length documentary about Heinrich Vogeler. Obviously, this isn’t going to be just the up-and-coming artist’s autobiography with costumes, crises, … Read more

Favorites of the week: Recommendations from the SZ Editorial Team – Culture

Pure Discoveries: The End Is Here Open the detail view The Twitter account “Pictures of the End” comes like an apocalypse photo album. (Image: Twitter / End Pictures) How close people really are from planet Earth to the abyss is a topic of public debate – but here’s some good news on the sad topic: … Read more

“The Arena”: a tragedy for Cannes winner Robin Ostlund | NDR.de – Culture

Status: 05/13/2022 7:53 PM listen to another 4 minutes by Edith Besling Christian Nielsen, performed by Claes Pang, is the focus of the tragic comedy “The Arena” by Swedish director Robin Ostlund. He is a great curator of modern art and organizes an art show with a monkey actor, but it’s not true. Arena: How … Read more

Nico: The movie intentionally breaks stereotypes | NDR.de – Culture – Film

Status: 05/10/2022 04:00 AM A racist attack radically changes the life of German-Persian Niko. Eline Gehring’s powerful and important film exemplifies diversity in all things and deliberately breaks with stereotypes. by Anna Woolner For a year, the film has been moving from festival to festival and winning awards – at the Max Ophüls in Saarbrücken, … Read more

The future of work in new documentaries: After work – culture

“You see, wherever you look, only vanity is on the ground. What this day builds, that tomorrow rips apart.” With the famous poem by Andreas Griffius – from 1637! – He begins a documentary about the change in work, which was observed in the former motor cities of Bochum and Detroit. The directors allowed the … Read more

‘Vampires’ in Cinema: Beyond the Rabbit’s Irrational Culture

To be sure, many directors in Germany consider themselves to be leftists. However, what they mean by this usually remains ambiguous. A bit of variety, a bit of mumbling for those out there, more often than not more works and interviews can be read. Julian Radelmeyer is different. With him, “Das Kapital” is probably a … Read more

The movie “The Light from which Dreams Are Made”: Cinema Boys – Culture

Lights! Colors! Music! Motion poisoning! It’s love at first sight when nine-year-old Samay, from a poor background in a remote village in India, encounters cinema for the first time. He immediately decided to make films as his profession. Wherever he goes, he sits and stands, exploring the magic of light from now on, catching the … Read more