“Herrhausen – The Lord of Money” (WT) / Oliver Masucci plays Alfred Herrhausen in…

09/30/2022 – 14:31 first ARD Munich (ots) Alfred Herhausen is the rising star of the banking world in the 1980s. His idea of ​​debt relief for poor countries made headlines. When he represents not only the interests of the bank and his friend Kole with a loan to the USSR, but also supports Gorbachev’s reform … Read more

Film premiere in Hamburg: “The Mother” with Anke Engelke | NDR.de – Culture

Status: 09/23/2022 4:27 PM Finally a full house again – that’s what happened at the Zeise cinema in Hamburg, because Anke Engelke was there. She presented her new film “Mutter” with director Caroline Schmitz, a co-production of NDR. Listen to the post 3 minutes by Danny Marquez You can see them – but not hear … Read more

The documentary film “In the Ice” in the cinema: In the eternal ice culture

Midday in the frigid desert: Professor Jason Books uses the sun, puts on his underpants, sunglasses and neon headscarf, throws his sleeping mat into the snow and does some yoga: Chaturanga, dog facing up, face down dog. There is nothing around it but a gleaming, shadowless white that stretches to the horizon, and above it … Read more

‘Everyone talks about the weather’ at the cinema: stuck in a hamster wheel – Culture

Crumble cherry or tangerine quark? This is the crucial question. In Berlin, Clara is doing her Ph.D. on Hegel’s concept of freedom. But in her mother’s kitchen, far away in the flat countryside of the eastern German provinces, things were quite different. What a bread cake. Are you stuck in traffic? Or what the weather … Read more

Documentary on World Cup, Sebastian Fitzek series and LOL Team – Amazon Prime Video with big ads

Whether it’s a soccer documentary about the World Cup or literary adaptations from the areas of crime and youth fiction – Amazon Prime Video has made many announcements. BrAt82 / Shuterstock.com Amazon has made big content announcements for its Prime Video streaming portal. At the “Prime Video Presents Deutschland” event, the company provided insights into … Read more

Nothing New in the West in cinemas and on Netflix: Hell – Culture

It is now about a quarter of a century since the German language teacher, Dr. N found someone with a Stephen King book under the school desk, even though Nothing New in the West was in the curriculum. But his anger was rather mild, for everyone had no book under the seat at all, except … Read more

Media – Emmy Awards: A Year of Real TV Life – Media

Los Angeles (dpa) – These are the world’s top TV awards: On Monday evening, the Primetime Emmy Awards will be shown at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. As always, they are also evidence of what has recently been amusing and occupying people. And this year it means one thing above all: realism rather than … Read more

Emmy Awards 2022: On Live and TV! How to watch the awards ceremony live

The slogan “And the winner is…” will be multiple times during the night from Monday to Tuesday, September 12/13, 2022 at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards. You can find out which series and actors have been nominated here. At night from Monday to Tuesday, 12/13 September 2022, time 74th Emmy Awards granted. The awards ceremony, … Read more

Bond, Punk and Paddington: How Elizabeth II became the Queen of Pop

Bond, Punk and Paddington How Elizabeth II became the Queen of Pop Written by Marcus Leibold 9/9/2022, 8:13 am Sung by the Beatles and parodied by Andy Warhol and portrayed by Helen Mirren, the Queen became a pop culture icon during her long tenure. She has also shown her sense of humor in recent years. … Read more

X_VARIABLE | DISTANCE / ZOOM – Nora Muskering’s Movie Alphabet: Special: Artechock

I put a new cooling pad under my laptop and separate, as best I can, author and book, fact and fiction, watch the trailer By Nora Muskering One should follow small dashed lines to an X. There will be something, preferably a pot of gold. An X indicates the spot. Sometimes you can find an … Read more