“Heinrich Vogeler” in cinema: the fictional Prince of Worpswede – Culture

A man stands in the swamp and reads. He wears Wilhelminian clothes, but studies Insel’s handbook from 2000. It’s Rilke’s poems, “In und nach Worpswede.” The centuries crumble together in the first scene of the Marie-Noel feature-length documentary about Heinrich Vogeler. Obviously, this isn’t going to be just the up-and-coming artist’s autobiography with costumes, crises, … Read more

“The Arena”: a tragedy for Cannes winner Robin Ostlund | NDR.de – Culture

Status: 05/13/2022 7:53 PM listen to another 4 minutes by Edith Besling Christian Nielsen, performed by Claes Pang, is the focus of the tragic comedy “The Arena” by Swedish director Robin Ostlund. He is a great curator of modern art and organizes an art show with a monkey actor, but it’s not true. Arena: How … Read more

‘Vampires’ in Cinema: Beyond the Rabbit’s Irrational Culture

To be sure, many directors in Germany consider themselves to be leftists. However, what they mean by this usually remains ambiguous. A bit of variety, a bit of mumbling for those out there, more often than not more works and interviews can be read. Julian Radelmeyer is different. With him, “Das Kapital” is probably a … Read more

The movie “The Light from which Dreams Are Made”: Cinema Boys – Culture

Lights! Colors! Music! Motion poisoning! It’s love at first sight when nine-year-old Samay, from a poor background in a remote village in India, encounters cinema for the first time. He immediately decided to make films as his profession. Wherever he goes, he sits and stands, exploring the magic of light from now on, catching the … Read more

Tips series for ARD, ZDF and Arte media libraries in May | NDR.de – Culture

Status: 06/05/2022 12:37 PM Several series compete for the attention of the public. These three media libraries in ARD, Arte, and ZDF have an unusual setup. by Melanie von Bismarck A retired literature professor searches for an assassin in Harry Wild, a billionaire who wants to please the people in The Gamblers and a grotesque … Read more

When Susan Sontag Sit in the Audience, directed by RB Cal-Kultur

Time is unfair, it pushes aside everything that stands in its way and advances relentlessly. Group discussions, for example, can be angry, startled, and even scandalous – it is unlikely that a rooster will crow years later. The event in New York City Council in April 1971 between Jermaine Greer and other feminists and Norman … Read more

What’s new in cinema and live broadcasting: What films are worthwhile – and which are not – with culture

When Susan Sontag sat in the audience Suzanne Wahabzadeh: RP Bald He recreates the world’s most famous panel discussion since April 1971—the same one in which Norman Mailer confronts four feminists who are torn apart by his thesis on “Prisoner of Sex,” especially Jermaine Greer (Saralisa Vollm). You know exactly who was yelling at whom, … Read more

Sigmund Freud in cinema: on the sofa – Culture

There is a nice anecdote from Billy Wilder about his attempt to interview Sigmund Freud as a young journalist in Vienna. That was around 1925 or 1926, Wilder later recalled in an interview. He went to Berggasse 19, where the famous doctor first made him wait for him in the salon. Then Freud came, furious … Read more

“Memoria” in Cinema: Big Bang Theory – Culture

Over fifty times, Industry Magazine diverse Calculated, the ominous “explosion” can be heard in this film, which attacks Jessica every day. At first I woke up from him, walking into the night room and looking out the window. Outside, a parking lot of dozens of cars, their headlights begin to flash in fright, the security … Read more

Ukraine in times of war – Relax in your cinema seat for an hour of normalcy

When the war in Ukraine was two weeks old, Maria Helzunova began showing films to her family at home. At first it was Charlie Chaplin’s movie The Great Dictator – they laughed a lot. Maria Helzonova says that laughter helped in the face of fear. She works at the Dovzhenko Center in Kyiv, which is … Read more