Haas bankruptcy: a doubling of Q1 in Baku qualification

Azerbaijan GP 2022 You don’t want to work with Haas. The US racing team in Baku failed with both cars in the first qualifying round. Mick Schumacher has the misfortune of sticking to his racing shoes. The unsafe pilot starts from the last starting point. Haas threatens the fourth zero in a row. The US … Read more

Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Schumacher in an alternate chassis

Azerbaijan GP 2022 Mick Schumacher had his second serious accident this season in Monaco. The damage amounted to more than one million US dollars. The chassis can be fixed, but in Baku Schumacher is sitting in the alternate monocoque for the time being. The 23-year-old German justifies the risk. Everything should improve in the second … Read more

Seven Curves in Formula 1: Ferrari Serves – Sport

Sergio Perez Open the detail view (Photo: Clive Rose/Getty Images) What will he choose? Abdominal failure? Diving? Side tipping? fall backwards? Anyone who wins at Red Bull in Monaco traditionally jumps into the team’s hospitality pool. So now Sergio Perez. He decided to do a somersault. The 32-year-old was visibly impressed at the ceremony, after … Read more

Formula 1 in Monte Carlo: chaos in the port

It wasn’t even half of the 77 laps completed when the Formula 1 race in Monte Carlo had to be interrupted again. Red flag for the second time. At least, it is now clear that this Sunday will have a special place in the history of the Monaco Grand Prix. Cameras were trained on Mick … Read more

Tactical problem in Spain: Schumi wants Monaco points

Monaco GP 2022 Will Mick Schumacher finally get the first points in Monaco out of all places? The Haas looks good enough to take the top ten places. But in the end, something always got in the way. The strategy did not work in Barcelona. In addition, the German suffered from a technical problem. Mick … Read more

Max Verstappen in Formula 1: “I’m not stupid” – sport

Max Verstappen Ahead of the weekend at the Grand Prix, Max Verstappen gave his colleague Sergio Perez gifts for the birth of his child. Onesie, bib, socks and stickers to play with, all in the design of the Dutch World Champion Orange. On Sunday, it was Perez who gave him a gift, albeit involuntarily: the … Read more

Formula 1 in Barcelona: Leclerc must give in and Verstappen win

When 47 of 66 laps were completed at the Barcelona Circuit de Catalunya, Red Bull driver Sergio Perez received a radio message that he did not like. His teammate Max Verstappen uses a different strategy, if he is faster he should let him pass. Verstappen just got new tyres, so it was expected that he … Read more

Motorsport – bad luck Leclerc: Verstappen takes lead in World Championship – sport

Barcelona (AFP) – In the sweltering heat of Barcelona, ​​Max Verstappen sent the Orange Party to a boil in the stands. Despite slipping in the gravel and technical problems, the world champion grabbed the Formula 1 lead with his third straight win and enjoyed the cheers of tens of thousands of fans. However, the Red … Read more

Barcelona qualifiers: Ferrari customers excel | Car engine and sports

2022 Spanish Grand Prix Haas brought two cars into the top ten, one Alfa Romeo. Valtteri Bottas and Kevin Magnussen were a tenth slower than Lewis Hamilton. While Alfa Romeo celebrated the success of the upgrade, Haas celebrated its efficiency. Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes usually leave four places in the third quarter for the … Read more