Real costs and consumption: the Audi S6 Avant TDI Quattro

That’s what an Audi sports station wagon costs in everyday life – that’s how much it consumes. Mazut days are numbered. And that’s despite the fact that it’s more efficient, cleaner, and more powerful than ever before. For example, in the Audi S6 Avant, whose three-liter six-cylinder diesel provides 344 hp and 700 Nm of … Read more

Ford Capri Mako V8 | Car engine and sports

Capri built in a small version with a high-capacity V8 engine. His trademark is a shark. For Gerd Knuzinger, managing director of Mako-Automobile in the Cologne suburb of Rösrath, the naming had both practical reasons (“I needed something with four letters to be able to replace the name ‘Ford’ on the body without any major … Read more