TV Documentary “Heavy Metal Save My Life!”: Saviors with Deadly Nails – MEDIA

It’s always easy to say: some kind of music saved your life at this moment or that. But there are clearly cases where it’s not just metaphorical. And in these cases that was not the case Which type of music. Instead, tuned guitars and double bass drums often play an important role in the process. … Read more

Refugees from Ukraine: problems at the Federal Printing Office cause delays in Rottweil-Rottweil and the surrounding area

One third of the children examined did not have adequate protection from vaccination. Photo: Michel Orsi – Refugees, mainly from Ukraine, continue to come to Rottweil County. The region is currently plagued by bureaucratic hurdles and eagerly awaits clear statements from the state of Baden-Württemberg. ROTTWEIL COUNTY – So far there has been no … Read more

The play addresses a health-obsessed country

September 6, 2022 at 9:00 pm Youth Theater in Krefeld : The play addresses a health-obsessed country Elena Nicodemus (from left), Fabian Cohn, director Rene Link and Lukas Metzinger prepare for the play – in the atmosphere of the Heeder factory basement. Photo: Jochmann, Dirk (DJ) Krefeld Julie Zh’s upcoming thriller “Corpus Delicti” from 2007, … Read more

Baby Story –

F (law) Anna Kim novel In her new book, Austrian author Anna Kim uses files to talk about the difficulty of adopting a child in the United States in the 1950s. The native South Korean raises topics such as racism and the question of origin and spins threads into the present and the racial ideology … Read more