“Reeperbahn Special unit FD65”: FBI St. Pauli – Media

Prosecutor Rüdiger Bäger once said: “It was all about evil.” Special unit Reeperbahn FD65 Of course it is. The magic of the Reeperbahn can be adequately summed up with this word evil To express. Prostitution, gambling, diving bars, criminals, The Reeperbahn is a gift to filmmakers. These pictures, these numbers – everything lights up, everything … Read more

Archaeological Museum displays stories from 50,000 parts of Playmobil

Hamburg Archaeological Museum A time machine made of 50,000 Playmobil parts As of 6:29 PM | Reading time: 3 minutes Paleolithic as a Playmobil phenomenon in the Museum of Archeology Source: M.Merke From the Stone Age to Hamburg: The Archaeological Museum tells the history of the world for families with Playmobil figures. There is something … Read more

The time we share.” Isabelle Hubert and the power of imagination

How do you deal with your loss or failure? What if the pain becomes overwhelming and threatens to wipe out everything? In his melodramatic film The Time We Share, French director Laurent Larivière describes treating memory as a kind of creative process for survival. Reality loses its relevance and can hardly be defined as such. … Read more

Conflicts Hamburg – Student refugees are drawn to Hamburg – Politics

Hamburg (dpa/lno) – Russia’s aggressive war in Ukraine has forced students from other countries to flee there. Many came to Germany, 450 according to the internal authorities so far to Hamburg alone. Unlike students with Ukrainian citizenship, those from other countries do not have a general residence permit in Germany, provided that their countries of … Read more