Haas bankruptcy: a doubling of Q1 in Baku qualification

Azerbaijan GP 2022 You don’t want to work with Haas. The US racing team in Baku failed with both cars in the first qualifying round. Mick Schumacher has the misfortune of sticking to his racing shoes. The unsafe pilot starts from the last starting point. Haas threatens the fourth zero in a row. The US … Read more

Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Schumacher in an alternate chassis

Azerbaijan GP 2022 Mick Schumacher had his second serious accident this season in Monaco. The damage amounted to more than one million US dollars. The chassis can be fixed, but in Baku Schumacher is sitting in the alternate monocoque for the time being. The 23-year-old German justifies the risk. Everything should improve in the second … Read more

GP Monaco 2022 – Race Analysis

Why was the start postponed? The Monaco Grand Prix started 16 minutes late. A small rain shortly before the official start caused a lot of chaos. All teams initially had feedstock installed on a slightly wet slope. But then the race control surprised everyone by announcing that they wanted to start racing behind the safety … Read more

GP Monaco 2022 – Exercise 2: Double Ferrari

Monaco GP 2022 Ferrari put a first exclamation mark in Monaco’s second training session. Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz passed the fastest lap of the day. Red Bull was four tenths behind the competition. Things went even worse for Daniel Ricciardo, who made a violent departure. Ahead of the weekend in Monaco, Ferrari was voted … Read more

Budget cap dispute: ‘Just turn off the wind tunnel’ | Car engine and sports

Six teams are demanding surcharges for inflation, facing opposition from Alpine, Alfa Romeo and Williams. They do not see inflation as a force majeure and advise teams operating at the limit to simply stop developing. It is an unforgiving topic on which there are good arguments for and against. For Alfa-Sauber team boss Frederic Vasseur, … Read more

Tactical problem in Spain: Schumi wants Monaco points

Monaco GP 2022 Will Mick Schumacher finally get the first points in Monaco out of all places? The Haas looks good enough to take the top ten places. But in the end, something always got in the way. The strategy did not work in Barcelona. In addition, the German suffered from a technical problem. Mick … Read more

Barcelona qualifiers: Ferrari customers excel | Car engine and sports

2022 Spanish Grand Prix Haas brought two cars into the top ten, one Alfa Romeo. Valtteri Bottas and Kevin Magnussen were a tenth slower than Lewis Hamilton. While Alfa Romeo celebrated the success of the upgrade, Haas celebrated its efficiency. Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes usually leave four places in the third quarter for the … Read more

2022 Spanish Grand Prix – Qualification: Leclerc Pole

2022 Spanish Grand Prix Charles Leclerc took first place at the Spanish Grand Prix. After a round one of the third quarter, the World Championship captain showed nerves in the last shot. Max Verstappen couldn’t stand the best time due to the DRS issue. Charles Leclerc set the best times in all three free practice … Read more

Race analysis GP Miami 2022: Verstappen ice cold

The series is broken. Max Verstappen failed early in the season, then won his second race in Saudi Arabia. Failure at the third Grand Prix of the season in Australia was followed by success at Imola. Contrary to series canon, he didn’t fail in Miami, and instead triumphed. In our analysis of the race, we … Read more

GP Miami 2022 (Practice 3): Perez leads Leclerc

GP Miami 2022 The third training delivered the command. At the top, Red Bull and Ferrari fought each other. Mercedes crashed, but Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher made a noticeable appearance on the field. Esteban Acon dismantled the Alps. The dress rehearsal before qualifiers turned the trio into a duo. On Friday, Mercedes was still … Read more