Wedding with Hurdles by Boris Johnson

The Big Boris Show Is Over – But Is It Really? In London, Prime Minister Boris Johnson took too long to realize that he simply could not rule without a party and without a government. Even if you take into account that in his self-portrait he was the only one who won the general election. … Read more

Environment – Identification of the bodies of missing men in the Amazon – Wikipedia

BRASILIA (dpa) – After days of searching for a missing British journalist and Indigenous expert who also disappeared in the Brazilian rainforest, there are increasing indications of violence. The remains, discovered in the Amazon region, have been handed over to Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira, the federal police said on Saturday. The men disappeared while … Read more

The Falklands War: When the British defeated the Argentine junta

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The Falklands War: When the British defeated the Argentine junta

FFor the contemporary peace movement, this struggle was one of the most absurd of all. A country that hated the idea that it no longer had half the world had to prove that it was still little more than a territorial power with a few islands in the South Atlantic: this is roughly how this … Read more

Public work and property alms

Prince Harry took on royal duties and responsibilities early on. He participated in charitable projects in the areas of health, sports and climate. Prince Harry has always had a heart for children. – d b a ad The basics in brief Harry has supported projects related to health, sports and climate protection. He and Megan … Read more

Ukraine news +++ Great Britain reacts to Putin’s threat – and offers more weapons +++

TDespite warnings from Russian President Vladimir Putin, Britain wants to supply Ukraine with long-range missile systems. Specifically, these are M270 artillery pieces that can fire M31-A1 missiles up to 80 kilometers. It is designed to be used primarily as a defensive weapon against Russian artillery in eastern Ukraine. Britain confirmed that Ukraine had ensured that … Read more

Anniversary celebrations wrap up: The Queen is back on the balcony – Culture & Entertainment

Celebrations of the Queen’s 70th birthday ended after the surprise public appearance of Queen Elizabeth II. The King appeared again on Sunday afternoon in a green mantle and matching hat on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, waving to hundreds of thousands of jubilant spectators. Her closest relatives stood by her side: her son and heir … Read more

Party in the Palace: A Historical Scene of the Queen – Culture and Entertainment

LONDON (AFP) – Shortly before the finale, 73-year-old Prince Charles became a child again. “Your Majesty, my mother,” the heir to the throne turns to his mother the queen. On behalf of the entire country, and indeed the world, he thanks her eldest son Queen Elizabeth II for her rule. It’s the emotional climax of … Read more

Music – Youngest Rolling Stones Band: Ronnie Wood turns 75 – Culture

London (AFP) – His mischievous smile can be seen once again on the biggest concert stage of the summer. It seems that Ronnie Wood has always belonged to the Rolling Stones, even though former group guitarist Jeff Beck and ex-bassist of “Only” The Faces have been with them since 1975. At that time, Stones was … Read more

Elizabeth II’s Jubilee: Television celebrates the Queen’s culture

Over the course of 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II of England has experienced pomp, family drama, and changing political times. More than a TV documentary he wants to summarize now. What is happening at Buckingham Palace? We are well aware of that, one might think. Finally, the drama of love, court ceremonies, family affairs, and … Read more