Mercedes is looking more: data against driver sentiment

The statement is somewhat important. Mercedes finished the second training session in Miami with first and fourth places. The gap between Red Bull and Ferrari, which was close to one second per lap, suddenly disappeared. Although the drivers in the cockpit did not notice a noticeable difference. “The car is like me, but it looks … Read more

Race analysis GP Miami 2022: Verstappen ice cold

The series is broken. Max Verstappen failed early in the season, then won his second race in Saudi Arabia. Failure at the third Grand Prix of the season in Australia was followed by success at Imola. Contrary to series canon, he didn’t fail in Miami, and instead triumphed. In our analysis of the race, we … Read more

Ferrari return: Binotto hopes for budget intermediaries

Ferrari can successfully book the first five races: three pole positions, two wins. Since the start of the season, the Scuderia has been in the lead in both world championships. After the Miami GP, Charles Leclerc had 104 points. His first chaser, Max Verstappen, is 19 points behind. In the World Team Championship, Ferrari has … Read more

Miami GP Qualifiers: Mercedes after an unanswered accident

GP Miami 2022 On Friday, Mercedes drivers can dream of a three-way fight at the top. Another second was lost on Saturday. With the same setup but under different conditions. Engineers are running out of answers. Lewis Hamilton VI, George Russell XII. If there was no practice on Friday in Miami, then from Mercedes’ point … Read more

GP Miami 2022 (Practice 3): Perez leads Leclerc

GP Miami 2022 The third training delivered the command. At the top, Red Bull and Ferrari fought each other. Mercedes crashed, but Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher made a noticeable appearance on the field. Esteban Acon dismantled the Alps. The dress rehearsal before qualifiers turned the trio into a duo. On Friday, Mercedes was still … Read more

Hamilton’s dispute with the FIA ​​over cockpit jewels

GP Miami 2022 It seems strange. New Formula 1 race director Nils Whitich and Lewis Hamilton bicker because the record winner doesn’t want to take off his jewelry in the cockpit. Fellow drivers are mostly on Hamilton’s side. Andreas Haupt and Michael Schmidt 05/06/2022 This appearance before the first Miami GP practice session was a … Read more

Preview of Formula 1 Grand Prix Miami 2022

So far, the season has been going according to the tastes of rights holders and neutral F1 fans. World champion Max Verstappen and challenger Charles Leclerc alternate for victories. In the season opener in Bahrain and the third race in Australia, Monaco won his Ferrari. Red Bulls Superstar responded in Saudi Arabia and most recently … Read more