Germany plays 1:1 against Hungary: a step back on the Blue Danube – sport

The hostility was so suspected in the permanent observer circles and the fans who would greet Leon Goretzka in particular due to his history of the recent confrontation with Hungary with hatred that the question was put to the national coach if he was not better off. Goretzka put on the bench would put or … Read more

DFB-Elf in individual review: Hoffmann could have been the champion – sport

There have not been four consecutive draws in the history of the German national football team. The following players took part in the 1-1 draw against Hungary in Budapest: Manuel Neuer Open the detail view (Photo: Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images) Hansi Flick dismissed a reporter’s cautious inquiry into whether a change in goal could be conceivable … Read more

Hungary and its fans: a hostile atmosphere in the stadium

The Hungarian national football team caused a stir during last year’s European Football Championship mainly because of their fans. An extremist minority of men dressed in black chanted racist chants and displayed far-right symbols in the preliminary matches for the tournament. It is a gesture from German player Leon Goretzka, who, after his late goal … Read more

Ilkay Gundogan in the national team: shirt number 11 and a half – Sports

In order to understand how complicated Ilkay Gündogan’s career can sometimes be, it can be useful to listen to the discussions after the match against England. Fans, reporters, and the infamous player’s circles whispered to each other two contradictory theses, and both sounded plausible. Hansi Flick should never have replaced Ilkay Gundogan, some whispered and … Read more

Germany in the Nations League: Flick’s big swap – sport

Hansi Flick admitted the final whistle shook his head. It lasted no more than a flapping of a hummingbird’s wings, but it is more likely to speak of the state of the national coach than the charitable debates he later disseminated widely to television audiences and reporters. When the Spanish referee blew the final whistle, … Read more

German Federation team in individual review: Musila celebrates his dribbling skills – sports

Manuel Neuer Open the detail view (Photo: Andreas Gebert/Reuters) Hansi Flick announced a change compared to the 1-1 draw in Italy, but Neuer shouldn’t worry about that. The coach already had a Bayern Munich goalkeeper – probably against some resistance (Nübel, Salihamidzic, ed. editor) – did not sit on the bench unless the opponent’s name … Read more

National team vs England: Known concerns in focus – Sports

There are a few moments where Hansi Flick talks about his career. With some stubbornness he seems to enjoy, the national coach usually prefers to talk about his team when asked for CV assessments. What does it mean for him to return to Munich for the match against England? So where did he win the … Read more

German federation team in individual review: Timo Werner looking for luck

Manuel Neuer Open the detail view (Photo: Alberto Lingria/Reuters) It has recently appeared in reports Tegernsi’s voice Because he wants to renovate an old mountain lodge (“Forsthaus Valepp”) within easy reach of his home on the lake of the same name, and like any other German, he depends on the approval of local commissions. It … Read more

Germany plays 1:1 against Italy: it went well again – Sports

Hansi Flick put his hands on his hips and looked as if he had to sort out his thoughts first. What was going on in his head? Nobody knows exactly what the sometimes obscure national coach thinks, but Saturday evening in Bologna allowed plenty of different opinions. For example: Phew, good job again! Or: Well, … Read more