Freiburg-Bavaria: Kathleen Krueger’s mistake caused chaos for Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich’s 4-1 win in Freiburg soon became a problem. Excitement in the 86th minute: Despite being substituted, Koeman touched the ball again.. Bayern plays 12 for about 20 seconds! There are minute discussions between the team of referees and the officials of both clubs before the match continues. Then referee Christian Dingert leaves the … Read more

Deluxe Fantasy: Successful Revenge! The Football Association continues to “break into” the regional league!

A warm welcome from Sportforum Berlin, home of the wonderful BFC Dynamo, the pinnacle of the rich and the beautiful. Here, where football is still played with passion and where the most beautiful VIP area of ​​the regional league can be found. There, the arsenal of fan articles seems to be greater than it is … Read more