“Asia at Midnight: Eat · Dance · Dream” offers a glimpse into the hidden nocturnal world of its major cities

Back home in Asia, we know that cities never sleep. Our new documents Asia at midnight: eat – dance – dream It shows this side of the city – with the nocturnal stories of its inhabitants. We get to know DJ Sumirock. The 85-year-old runs a noodle shop during the day and DJs run Tokyo … Read more

Arte Documentary “The Night The Flood Came”

June 29, 2022 at 4:00 pm “The Night The Flood Came” : How does the affected person evaluate the Arte documentary about the floods in Ahr One of the destroyed bridges over the Ahrüler River. Photo: Photo Alliance / dpa / Boris Rossler Ahrar Valley Arte’s documentary “The Night when the Flood Came” deals with … Read more

Environment – Protecting dunes on North Sea islands for winter – Wikipedia

Norderney/Languj (dpa/Lenny) – After the sometimes severe loss of sand in the East Frisian Islands as a result of about 20 storms last winter, the protective sand dunes are now being prepared for the upcoming season. The main focus is on the islands of Norderney, Langoge and Wangeroge, as the recently announced Lower Saxony State … Read more

The Google tool displays changes on the ground in near real time | Knowledge and the environment | DW

Ukrainian forces are still trying with all their might to seize the strategically important city of Sevgerodonetsk and push Russian forces from elsewhere. “The fight is taking place literally for every meter,” says Ukrainian President Zelensky, in Sevgirodontsk. The extent to which the bitter fighting has changed the industrial zone of Donbass can now be … Read more

North Korean patient zero: Is Kim Jong Un’s arrogance responsible for the spread of the Corona virus?

aLast Sunday, Kim Jong-un lifted the lockdown in Pyongyang. At least that’s what NKNews, a North Korea specialist, and Yonhap News Agency – both based in the South Korean capital, Seoul – reported, citing conspiratorial information from the capital. There are no official confirmations of this yet. Getting unofficial assurances from Western circles in Pyongyang … Read more

When the tide comes: What drivers need to know about water

Storm and heavy rain ahead. If water then gets into the car, it can quickly lead to a complete loss. You should be extra careful if you are driving in areas prone to flooding – but it can be more dangerous. Cars are well protected from rain, storms and hail – as long as the … Read more

Transportation – What drivers need to know about water – Economy

berlin (dpa/tmn) – cars are well protected from rain, storms and hail – as long as the precipitation comes mainly from above. This is ensured by an airtight seal. However, when it rains heavily, it can quickly happen that roads or parking lots near bodies of water overflow and the water rises dangerously. “Water splashing … Read more