Ice Hockey – National Ice Hockey Coach Söderholm: ‘There were some mistakes’ – Sports

Helsinki (AFP) – There’s a teaching year behind national ice hockey coach Tony Soderholm. In 2021, the coach missed a medal with the national team at the World Cup in Riga, Germany reached the semi-finals for the first time since 2010. This was followed by the first major setback of his tenure in February when … Read more

Ice Hockey – Weakening the World Cup Team – Ex-NHL Striker Kahun Out – Sports

SCHENINGEN (dpa) – National ice hockey coach Toni Soderholm has major concerns ahead of this World Cup, which is so special to him, in his home country of Finland. Even with the short-term reinforcement by a total of seven domestic players from the Berlin champions and vice-champions Munich, not all of the team’s weaknesses should … Read more

Ice hockey team to meet the great challenge of the World Cup – work for Söderholm – Sports

SCHENINGEN (dpa) – Ahead of those World Cup finals, which are so special to him, in his native Finland, ice hockey coach Toni Soderholm still has major concerns. The team’s puzzle for the tournament that began on Friday remained very complex until the end. Even with the short-term reinforcement of the national players from the … Read more

Sustainable Nature Experiences in the North: Finnish Lapland: endless summer days in pristine nature – Wikipedia

There are 41 national parks in Finland – five of which can be discovered on a Lapland holiday. Photo: Naturpolis Ltd / Getlappi When it comes to the Arctic Circle, many automatically think of the cold foot. This may be the case in Finland in winter. But summer shines brighter – and this is almost … Read more