Netflix, the world’s largest streaming provider, has been showing the 112-minute documentary SCHUMACHER since September 15. Viewers live touching moments with the racing legend. Michael Schumacher’s grandiose career in Formula 1 began nearly 30 years ago, and it was unimaginable to enter the first class, as Schumi did at the time, today. The German worked … Read more

Disaster for Ferrari – Verstappen win – Sport

Ferrari’s failure on the streets of Baku paved the way for Max Verstappen to claim his fifth Formula 1 victory of the season. The world champion cemented his world championship lead at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on Sunday after Charles Leclerc was forced to relinquish pole at Ferrari due to an engine failure. Secondly, Sergio … Read more

Ferrari’s mistake in Formula 1: Fear is bad advice

The radio play from Monte Carlo is still moving the Formula 1 community two weeks later. Meanwhile, the race track has moved from the Cote d’Azur to the nearest street circuit in Baku, Azerbaijan, but the shouts of the Ferrari driving center echo. First, he was a little frantic: “Come on, Charles.” Followed by a … Read more

Seven Curves in Formula 1: Ferrari Serves – Sport

Sergio Perez Open the detail view (Photo: Clive Rose/Getty Images) What will he choose? Abdominal failure? Diving? Side tipping? fall backwards? Anyone who wins at Red Bull in Monaco traditionally jumps into the team’s hospitality pool. So now Sergio Perez. He decided to do a somersault. The 32-year-old was visibly impressed at the ceremony, after … Read more

Formula 1 in Monte Carlo: chaos in the port

It wasn’t even half of the 77 laps completed when the Formula 1 race in Monte Carlo had to be interrupted again. Red flag for the second time. At least, it is now clear that this Sunday will have a special place in the history of the Monaco Grand Prix. Cameras were trained on Mick … Read more

Budget limits in Formula 1: Big teams are calling for changes. – Sports

In Monte Carlo, the focus is automatically on the money. Expensive cars don’t just drive on the racetrack here. And the fleet of vehicles in the water port is just as impressive as those on land in the pit lane – and perhaps also in some private garages. So it is entirely fitting that there … Read more

Mercedes in Formula 1: The speed is back

The excitement is back at the Monte Carlo circuit. On trains, on streets and sidewalks, people swarmed everywhere across the emirate on Friday. In 2020, the Grand Prix was canceled due to Corona, and in 2021, Formula 1 returned in a thinner frame. So now the program is complete again with full stands. Ferrari red, … Read more

Max Verstappen in Formula 1: “I’m not stupid” – sport

Max Verstappen Ahead of the weekend at the Grand Prix, Max Verstappen gave his colleague Sergio Perez gifts for the birth of his child. Onesie, bib, socks and stickers to play with, all in the design of the Dutch World Champion Orange. On Sunday, it was Perez who gave him a gift, albeit involuntarily: the … Read more

Formula 1 in Barcelona: Leclerc must give in and Verstappen win

When 47 of 66 laps were completed at the Barcelona Circuit de Catalunya, Red Bull driver Sergio Perez received a radio message that he did not like. His teammate Max Verstappen uses a different strategy, if he is faster he should let him pass. Verstappen just got new tyres, so it was expected that he … Read more

Formula 1 | Bottas criticized: ‘This is not a fair sport’

Only a few drivers can realize their dream in Formula 1. Many have the talent, but they still do not reach the top for various reasons. Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz knows “there is a lot of talent”. “But in the end, Formula 1 is made up of 20 drivers. There will not be room for … Read more