Comic Adaptation: Here’s the “Sandman” Movie Trailer – Culture

Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” is one of the best sitcoms to have appeared in the United States. Netflix has ventured into an adaptation of the film. Now there are first impressions. Millions of fans of Neil Gaiman’s era-making series “Sandman” have long been convinced that there could never, but really be, a movie adaptation of this … Read more

Biting caricatures in Salvatorkirch

May 27, 2022 @ 3:51 pm Culture in Duisburg : Biting cartoons at Salvatore Church Martin Schäber (left), Head of the “Third World” Information Center in the Evangelical Church District of Duisburg, picked up the exhibit from Münster for presentation in Duisburg with Reverend Salvatore Martin Winterberg. Photo: Andreas Probst Duisburg In Salvatore’s Church, 50 … Read more

‘BRZRKR’ comic by Keanu Reeves: So much violence, so little depth | – Culture – Book

Status: 2019/05/19 06:00 AM Keanu Reeves is known as an actor. But as a comic book artist? Its volumes have already been published in America and a Netflix series is also planned. Now the first volume appears in German. by Matthias Heller “Comics are great,” says Keanu Reeves. He was a child psychiatrist in “To … Read more

The new ‘Corto Maltese’ volume: a hero of this millennium culture

Corto Maltese makes a giant leap in time. In the early volumes, created by Hugo Bratt (who died in 1995), the legendary graphic protagonist, navigator and hacker, roamed the first third of the 20th century, but now leaves that wide open in the new volume Black Ocean.. Behind him, freeing himself Of intrigues and historical … Read more

Talking Pictures: The Beginning of the Tenth Days of the Graphic Novel in Hamburg | – Culture

Status: 03/02/2022 12:09 PM The comics were discussed in episodes of the series, and prizes were awarded. And when they are published by well-known literary publishers, they are called “graphic novels”. The Hamburg House of Literature is celebrating the tenth day of the graphic novel. by Heide Soltau The theme of the festival on Monday … Read more