Conservation – why doesn’t he want lupine everywhere – Wikipedia

Oberelsbach/Triesdorf (dpa) – Up to eight hours a day, repeatedly on their knees, ticked and braked, and exposed to unprotected weather: Philip Frickl, 29, and his father, Gerd Frickl, 61, on the meadow colored mountain by day Their work is flat Hochrhön. Since May, two landscape conservationists and their team of ten have targeted the … Read more

Chemicals – Glyphosate case: Bayer’s appeal application denied – Wikipedia

Washington/Leverkusen (DPA) – The Bayer Group has failed a groundbreaking legal dispute over the cancer risks of the weed killer glyphosate with an appeal to the US Supreme Court. In Washington, the US Supreme Court announced that it will not deal with the case, which will determine the course of many other US actions. For … Read more

Animals – Malschwitz – Sachsenhuhn has more fans again: Rescue Program helps – Wikipedia

Malschwitz (dpa/sn) – In the fight for the endangered Sachsenhuhn, a breeding program is paying off. About 500 chicks have hatched this year again, said Eva Lehmann of the Oberlausitz Health and Bund Landscape Biosphere Reserve of the DPA. It is estimated that about 100 young people are suitable for breeding; The rest will be … Read more

The field in the market hall: When vegetables come fresh from the roof – Wikipedia

In Brussels, vegetables and fish are widely grown on the roof of the market hall. This saves on long transportation routes and aims to provide sustainable food to the big city. But how does it work? There is a lot going on in the “belly of Brussels” even before sunrise. The first delivery trucks roll … Read more

Tennis Bakery – This is the taste of home

Jun 2, 2022 at 08:00 home and fun : Tinnes Bakery – This is the taste of home Finally a space in the new attached bakery. (From left) Elias, Simon, Marion and Peter Tennys are happy to complete the construction and furnishing work. Photo: Ackermann Dieter merzek The family business is benefiting from the construction … Read more

Drought in Germany: Is there another drought? – Knowledge

Now you must fight the Blueberry Forest as well. The newspaper reported that the small bush is not doing well free word From the south of Thuringia a few days ago: “Instead of lively and green ramifications, there are platforms in various locations that are reddish-brown in color or behind them are completely withered gray … Read more

Heavy machinery: soil compaction threatens yields – Wikipedia

In many places, the increasing use of heavy agricultural machinery is a constant threat to soil productivity – and thus also to future crops. Researchers warned in the scientific journal that about 20 percent of arable land worldwide is at risk, including central Europe in particular. PNAS. This damage is difficult to reverse in deeper … Read more

Wheat from Ukraine – the granary of the world is in danger

The tractors are also a symbol of the protests against the war that Russia has started in Ukraine. Footage posted on social media this week showed farmers in the southern Kherson region apparently driving, honking, and Ukrainian flags hung on vehicles – despite the heavy Russian military presence on the ground. In the so-called granary … Read more

Ukraine war – Russian fertilizer export ban weighs on German farmers

Volker Hahn refers to his portable chicken coop. It reminds us a bit of a caravan. “They’ll be out in a couple of hours, and now they’ve got eggs to lay.” Clearly audible passengers are only allowed out when everyone has finished laying eggs. Farmer Han also keeps fattening pigs, but he mainly grows potatoes, … Read more