Aston Martin on the rise: Vettel saves the wings

Azerbaijan GP 2022 As in Monte Carlo, Sebastian Vettel qualified safely for the top ten. His Aston Martin took another step forward. But the offer could have ended in the second quarter. Had Vettel not saved the front wing in an intentional accident. Sebastian Vettel can laugh again. His Aston Martin learns to walk step … Read more

Haas bankruptcy: a doubling of Q1 in Baku qualification

Azerbaijan GP 2022 You don’t want to work with Haas. The US racing team in Baku failed with both cars in the first qualifying round. Mick Schumacher has the misfortune of sticking to his racing shoes. The unsafe pilot starts from the last starting point. Haas threatens the fourth zero in a row. The US … Read more

Mercedes Testing: Concept decision by Hungary | Car engine and sports

Azerbaijan GP 2022 Mercedes continues to lead the chase field, but the gap up front has increased. Was Barcelona just a flash in the pan? Can past serial winners stick to their bold concept? There must be answers before the Hungarian doctor. Mercedes remains the third power in the field, even if it sometimes looks … Read more

Azerbaijan Grand Prix: Schumacher in an alternate chassis

Azerbaijan GP 2022 Mick Schumacher had his second serious accident this season in Monaco. The damage amounted to more than one million US dollars. The chassis can be fixed, but in Baku Schumacher is sitting in the alternate monocoque for the time being. The 23-year-old German justifies the risk. Everything should improve in the second … Read more

Tactics achieve GP Monaco 2022: a gift for Perez

The Grand Prix in Monte Carlo was a feast for strategists. Compared to 2016, when we started with severe weather tires and then everyone was faced with the question: Should we switch to slicks right away or should we throw a bunch of middlemen in between? Six years ago, the tactic triumphed: straight from one … Read more

Ferrari under criticism: Pardon the Mercedes strategists

Monaco GP 2022 Ferrari didn’t look good on paper. Before switching to Slicks, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz were twice ahead. Then they took second and fourth place. Did Ferrari carelessly bet on a particular victory? Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto was visibly nervous. Another race to be won against Red Bull. A race in … Read more

7 teams want more money: is there a risk that development will stop?

Will money decide the World Cup finals? Is the team able to afford promotions longer because they have more room to win? The teams, which are sailing close to the budget limit, are warning that they will have to stop further development mid-season. At the same time, there is a concern that one of them … Read more