Jungfrau Zeitung – Lots of fanfare about “Blonde”

movie review | October 9, 2022 No sooner had Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe’s “Blonde” celebrated its famous Cannes premiere than the controversy began. Now the nearly three-hour saga can be watched on Netflix, director Andrew Dominic’s criticism of Joyce Carol Oates’ novel doesn’t want to fade. The mixture has lengths and is sometimes annoying. The … Read more

German Television Award 2022: / Der Pass Season Two in two main categories…

09/15/2022 – 12:00 Sky Germany Unterfoehring (ots) Der Pass Season 2 receives the 2022 German Television Award in the categories of “Best Director of Fantasy” (Cyril Boss and Philip Steinert) and “Best Fantasy Camera” (Philippe Bitchell). Der Pass, season two, took home awards in two major categories at this year’s 2022 German Television Awards on … Read more

Two writers about children and art

It is a rare occurrence when two books deal with the same topic and relate to each other symbiotically. Heinz Healy and Julia Weber are a married couple and both are writers. Two years ago they became parents for the second time. This event shook both of them technically as well. How can fatherhood, family, … Read more

The time we share.” Isabelle Hubert and the power of imagination

How do you deal with your loss or failure? What if the pain becomes overwhelming and threatens to wipe out everything? In his melodramatic film The Time We Share, French director Laurent Larivière describes treating memory as a kind of creative process for survival. Reality loses its relevance and can hardly be defined as such. … Read more