Novartis Patients Day on 2 July in Berlin: Workshops and expert knowledge on …

06/24/2022 – 11:23 AM Novartis Pharma GmbH Nuremberg (OTS) Novartis MPN’s upcoming Patient Day on July 2, 2022 will provide those affected, their families, and interested parties the opportunity to get answers to urgent questions about MPN diseases. Lectures and workshops impart expert knowledge about the diseases of myelofibrosis (MPN), polycythemia vera (PV) and CML … Read more

Theater, concerts, cinema: where is the audience? | – Culture

Status: 07.06.2022 07:35 AM by Janek Wiechers Concerts, festivals, exhibitions, theater and cinema: everything is possible again as usual after the end of Corona restrictions. But the big rush does not materialize and the return of the public is hesitant. why? On a large lawn in front of an old brewery building, workers are setting … Read more

What you need to know about Tischlein-Deck-Dich

Marburg celebrates its fiftieth birthday on Sunday (5 June) with a huge birthday table made up of 800 sets of beer tents. From 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Marburg residents, as well as guests from outside Marburg, can celebrate on the city highway under the banner “Tischlein-Deck-Dich” on the 2.5 kilometer “Festival Mile”. The pass … Read more

Walk between art and culture

Jun 2, 2022 at 5:10 am Pentecost Sunday in Wasenberg : Walk between art and culture An impression from Wassenberg Art and Culture Day – here is Bina Placzek-Theisen in her dandelion composition. Photo: Lasser, Jürgen (JL) Wasenberg On the day of Pentecost, June 5, Wassenberg invites you to a major cultural event. You can … Read more