Environment – external factors responsible for many cases of cancer – Wikipedia

Copenhagen (dpa) – According to European Union experts, about a tenth of cancer cases in Europe can be traced back to external factors such as pollutants. Air pollution, carcinogenic chemicals, UV rays or even secondhand smoke are all responsible for an estimated 10 percent of all cancers, and possibly even much more, the European Environment … Read more

Conservation – why doesn’t he want lupine everywhere – Wikipedia

Oberelsbach/Triesdorf (dpa) – Up to eight hours a day, repeatedly on their knees, ticked and braked, and exposed to unprotected weather: Philip Frickl, 29, and his father, Gerd Frickl, 61, on the meadow colored mountain by day Their work is flat Hochrhön. Since May, two landscape conservationists and their team of ten have targeted the … Read more

‘The Recycling Lie’: A documentary on plastic waste at ARD Mediathek | NDR.de – Culture

As of: 06/21/2022 00:01 AM In any case, everything that can be recycled is recycled. Instead, plastic waste is becoming a growing problem worldwide. This was confirmed by the documentary film “The Recycling Lie” available in the ARD Media Library. listen to another 3 minutes by Jens Gleisberg The plastic packaging belongs to the yellow … Read more

Animals – Malschwitz – Sachsenhuhn has more fans again: Rescue Program helps – Wikipedia

Malschwitz (dpa/sn) – In the fight for the endangered Sachsenhuhn, a breeding program is paying off. About 500 chicks have hatched this year again, said Eva Lehmann of the Oberlausitz Health and Bund Landscape Biosphere Reserve of the DPA. It is estimated that about 100 young people are suitable for breeding; The rest will be … Read more

Trace substances: How do chemicals get into water – Wikipedia

Ordinary wastewater treatment plants are often insufficient to remove some trace substances from the water. Photo: imago / Rupert Oberhäuser Diclofenac, contrast media, benzotriazole: Many trace substances can get into our water via pain relievers or dishwashing liquid. Environmentalists and entrepreneurs want to use new ways to counteract negative impacts. Diclofenac is widely used as … Read more

EU Commission thwarts development of the hydrogen value chain

Lines for liquid hydrogen in Leona Chemical Park Without climate-neutral hydrogen, Europe would not be able to achieve its ambitious goals. (Photo: dpa) If you charge your electric car battery at a public charging station, you don’t always know if you’re charging more coal or wind power. But this does not matter, because the legal … Read more

The science – glyphosate affects bumblebee brood care – Wikipedia

Konstanz/Ulm (DPA) – The controversial herbicide glyphosate can jeopardize the reproductive success of bumblebees. According to a German study, herbicides can make ground bees less able to maintain temperature in the nest when food is scarce. Without enough heat, the team writes in Science that the brood is in danger and with it the survival … Read more

Environment – Urban tree pressures preoccupy local authorities – Wikipedia

Pforzheim (dpa) – Hidden under a layer of clay, cables from the ground along the trunk lead to the crown of a tree in Pforzheim to a trunk. From there, data is wirelessly transmitted to Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences about the tree’s water consumption and the amount of rainwater and irrigation water that reaches … Read more

Climate – Green wall construction in Africa is progressing slowly – Wikipedia

Cape Town / Abidjan (dpa) – It is an ambitious agricultural project in the fight against the spread of deserts and soil degradation: the so-called Green Wall stretches over 8000 km from Senegal in the west through the entire Sahel region to Djibouti in the east of the continent. About 100 million hectares of degraded … Read more

Humans and Wild Animals in Tibet Culture_China.org.cn

Written by Kenpo Tashi Zangpo We Tibetans live in the upper part of China and call ourselves “Gangchimpa” (གངས་ / Gangs Can Pa) – those “who live in the snow-covered places”. My name is Tashi Zangpo and I’m from Nyanbo Yutse (གཉན་ རྩེ / gNyan Po gYu rTse). This is the highest peak in the … Read more