Real Cost and Depreciation: Jaguar F-Pace P550 SVR

550 hp, heavy 2.1 tons: how do power and mass affect the consumption and daily costs of a dynamic SUV? “The buoyant ambiance inside and the massive eight-cylinder compressor characterize the F-Pace SVR. The weaknesses in suspension comfort aren’t that great.” Author Heinrich Lingner is completely taken in by the dynamic power of Jaguar’s SUV. … Read more

Real costs and consumption: the Audi S6 Avant TDI Quattro

That’s what an Audi sports station wagon costs in everyday life – that’s how much it consumes. Mazut days are numbered. And that’s despite the fact that it’s more efficient, cleaner, and more powerful than ever before. For example, in the Audi S6 Avant, whose three-liter six-cylinder diesel provides 344 hp and 700 Nm of … Read more

Actual costs and consumption: BMW 223i Active Tourer

The new version of the big 2er comes with a 223i with 218 horsepower. How much does the model consume and what it costs in everyday life. “In the second generation, the Active Tourer adds several new features to the core features of a practical everyday vehicle that is not very spacious but enjoyable to … Read more

Real costs and depreciation: Skoda Fabia 1.0 TSI Style

Is the Little Czech with a 95 hp three-cylinder turbo petrol engine a bargain? We measured and calculated. “The luxury Fabia doesn’t just offer a lot of space at the lowest price. It drives and brakes like a big car. Only the weak three-cylinders stain the safe victory.” In a comparison test of three small … Read more

Actual costs and consumption: BMW X2 M35i

How economic and economic can a 306 hp, 1.7 ton SUV be? We tested it and calculated it. “Yes, it offers the least bargaining and doesn’t deliver what its brand promises. But the coherent combination of a powerful engine, fast handling and powerful brakes is compelling – at a proud price.” In the comparison test … Read more

Real Costs and Depreciation: Porsche Macan

Since a facelift in the summer of 2021, the McCann’s base power has increased by 20 horsepower. This costs a 265-horsepower gasoline engine in everyday life. “The Macan’s four-cylinder engine is third here (in our comparison test with the Audi Q5 and BMW X4), but it impresses with its ultra-thin steering and first-class chassis; without … Read more