‘Everyone talks about the weather’ at the cinema: stuck in a hamster wheel – Culture

Crumble cherry or tangerine quark? This is the crucial question. In Berlin, Clara is doing her Ph.D. on Hegel’s concept of freedom. But in her mother’s kitchen, far away in the flat countryside of the eastern German provinces, things were quite different. What a bread cake. Are you stuck in traffic? Or what the weather … Read more

Sex tourism, arms smuggling and the long arm of the Stasi

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Three sisters from Saxony fell into the Magic Triangle

Miku Sophie Kumail tells about three sisters. Of course one immediately thinks of Chekhov, especially since the novel begins in the provinces – albeit in Germany – and leads to the capital. Chekhov’s phrase “to Moscow” ironically appears once in the book, a sign of recognition. But it’s not about three women who want to … Read more

Gila Haas for her role as the Stasi Killer

Mrs. Haas, you became an actress because you were jealous of Emma Watson. At school we watched the Harry Potter movie where you play Hermione and I was like, Why do you play that? I love Hermione! Why can’t I be Hermione? At that time I decided: I will do it now, too. Then I … Read more