Spanish Grand Prix 2022: Race of Destiny for Mercedes?

Spanish Grand Prix 2022: Race of Destiny for Mercedes?

2022 Spanish Grand Prix The Spanish Grand Prix is ​​the real race for many. By the sixth race of the year, teams that had had a poor start to the season wanted to come up with solutions or at least find out what went wrong. Mercedes is one of them. Barcelona is the ideal place … Read more

KG Knowledge: Summer – the sun and O-Jö-Jo on August 20 in the know

Message from 05/19/2022 Written by Catherine Behner What became last summer’s success story, is set to happen again this year: KG Wissens invites you to celebrate summer! On Saturday, August 20, the party will take place in Wiesen. Under the slogan “Summer – Sun – O-Jö-Jo”, guests are again waiting for a wonderful program this … Read more

Fire in the flag: Now policemen and firefighters have witnessed

Message from 05/18/2022 Written by Wolfgang Rabsch Hearings of a serious scientific fire now continue at the end of October 2021. Statements by the fire brigade’s chief of operations described the extent of the fire before the eyes – and the investigator’s statements gave insight into the interrogations, among other things. On October 31, 2021, … Read more

Why it takes so long to register refugees in Westerwald

Press release on 05/18/2022 When will I finally be registered? When will I finally get the residence permit? Some people who have fled Ukraine think this way now. As reported by the district administration of Montabor, this is also very important for people from Ukraine. But the process is complicated. (Icon picture) Montabor. Because not … Read more

Knowing the City Manager: Futuristic Inner City Shapes Come to Work

Message from 05/17/2022 Written by Catherine Behner Knowledge thrives and fights for an interesting inner city and vibrant city for people of all generations. City coach Ole Noss is sure the conditions for this are better than some might think. At the recent Knowledge HFA meeting, he took a look at the past and future … Read more

Dangerous fire in the flag: Fire victims testified before Koblenz County Court

Message from 05/16/2022 Written by Wolfgang Rabsch The 14th Criminal Court of the Koblenz Regional Court on Monday (May 16) made dramatic statements to a married couple whose home in Wiesen was burned down as a result of an arson. On October 31, 2021, the apartment building burned down completely. (Photo: kkö) District. The 57-year-old … Read more

The 53rd annual exhibition of knowledge planned in the traditional form again

Press release on 16/05/2022 More than 70,000 euros were raised at the 52nd annual fair last year for a medical training center in Malawi. A thank you letter from Malawi reflects the status of the project – while the exhibition team is already preparing for the 53rd fair, which will once again be held in … Read more