Wolfgang Knebel: “Sociology before history” – Culture

What we haven’t already! Pre-modern society, class society, industrial society, post-industrial society first delayed, then suddenly postmodern, before becoming worse, transient and in decline, but certainly an accelerating society. Soon we will probably be a digital community or a singularity, if the Corona community or even the post-hero community doesn’t get involved again in the … Read more

Ukrainian diaries: sleeping bags in the office – Culture

For a few days now, one topic has been preoccupying university staff: non-payment of salaries. The salary is always paid in two installments, one of which is by the middle of the month. It is now said that there will be no more before the end of the month. The situation is the same across … Read more

‘Stassi comedy’ in cinema: aren’t we all a little stazy? – culture

Sure, you could happen to become a Stasi officer. As a young man still somewhat aimless, you stand at a crossroads. Among the quiet prefab buildings of East Berlin in the early 1980s, the streets were so empty that one of these balls of bush comes past, which in the West is a symbol of … Read more

Culture in Schramberg: Theatrering presents a program for the 2022/23 season – Schramberg and its surroundings

Claudia Schmid (left) and Eileen Berberich with the new programmes Photo: Frit Theater Schramberg has once again put together an engaging program of theatre, music and nightlife for the 2022/23 season. SCHAMBERG – The new Theatrering program was brought to light by the press at the press conference regarding its presentation Tuesday at City Hall. … Read more

Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein: Inaugural exhibition by Letizia Ragaglia…

05/18/2022 – 16:00 Liechtenstein Museum of Art Liechtenstein c (high) 4 It celebrates the energy that contemporary artists bring to the museum. In her first exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, director Letizia Ragaglia collected four solo performances by Nazgol Ansarinia, Mercedes Azpilicueta, Invernomuto and Diamond Stingily, which also appear in the museum’s collection. The three … Read more

Monuments – Bad Langensalza – German World Heritage Sites must be known “carefully” – Culture

Bad Langensalza (dpa/s) – Germany’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites should be better known. This requires careful, high-quality tourism at an appropriate scale for antiquities, a spokeswoman said Wednesday at the annual meeting of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Germany. For this purpose, among other things, visitor flows should be directed in such a way as … Read more

Kernoen Gallery: When Artists Cut Wood – Culture

Shinroku Shimokawa built a portable kitchen in the Black Forest. Photo: Shinroku Shimokawa Stuttgart artists have found shelter in the Black Forest during the lockdown. The results of her stay can be seen at the Kernweine Gallery. In the past one would have traveled to London or at least to Berlin. Artists have always been … Read more

Trapped in the Tower: “Sleeping in the Hours” by Uwe Telkamp

a meal. The sequel to Uwe Tillkamp’s “Turm” is here: “Sleeping in the Hours” wants to be world literature. The book is unlikely to become a bestseller. Xbt gýs fjo Spnbo² Tqsbdihfxbmujh voe jo bunptqiåsjtdifo Cjmefso ibuuf Vxf Ufmmlbnq 3119 jo = b isfgµ # iuuqt; 00xxx/xs/ef0lvmuvs0uvsn.wfsgvmbnq. {v.usbfofo.je7:75537/iunm#ubshfuµ#`cmbol#ujumfµ##?’ Efs Uvsn”=0b? bvg gbtu 2111 Tfjufo wpn … Read more

“Coupez” at Cannes: Until the Blood – Culture

A walk along the beach promenade is a must on the first day of the festival in Cannes. Best in the early morning, before all hell breaks out a few hours later and thousands of guests perform pilgrimages towards the Festival Palace. From noon onwards, it often takes an hour to cover a quarter of … Read more

Photo of Contender Yuri Minenko – Culture

In the first act of George Frideric Handel’s opera series “Julio Caesar in Ijeto”, the triumphant Caesar sings of the soul of his deceased opponent Pompeius. In a production of the Göttingen International Festival of the Handel, Ukrainian counter-counter Yuri Minenko stands alone on the German stage in this song. A torch goes off from … Read more