The back of a healthy child is the foundation

Bremerford (ots) – When we think of our children’s growth, the growth of their backs rarely comes to mind. Back pain in children? This is unimaginable to many. The topic is very important since childhood. After all, the foundation for subsequent health is laid in early childhood. How certain environments and conditions promote children’s development … Read more

Ten years of the Northern Church: the bishop is proud of her church

Status: 05.06.2022 12:04 PM On Feast Monday, the Northern Church celebrates its tenth anniversary. It is a merger of the former North Elbian Church, the Mecklenburg State Church, and the Pomeranian Church. In an interview, State Bishop Christina Konbaum-Schmidt spoke about the founding and future of her church. listen to another 9 minutes Mrs. Konbaum … Read more

Banksy: ‘Only what he endorses on his site is real’ |

Status: 04.06.2022 09:44 AM Art historian Ulrich Blanche wrote books about Banksy. A conversation about a Banksy mystery at the launch of an unauthorized exhibition of replicas of his art in Hamburg. listen to another 6 minutes Images, street art with controversial themes, seen on walls and buildings all over the world, political and consumer … Read more

Banksy: What do we know about the street artist? |

Status: 03.06.2022 5:18 PM Images, street art with controversial themes, seen on walls and buildings all over the world, political and critical of consumers – this is the world of street artist Banksy. Art historian Ulrich Blanche has written several books on Banksy. listen to another 6 minutes Mr. Blanche, what do we know about … Read more

Volodymyr Zelensky: speeches under the banner of war

Status: 01.06.2022 1:02 p.m. In the book “For Ukraine – for Freedom” are the speeches of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to read. A conversation with Christoph Steskal from Olsztyn Verlag. Mr. Steskal, we have often seen the speeches of Volodymyr Zelensky – what changes when you read everything? Christopher Steskal: Provides a psychological … Read more

German Non-Fiction Book Award for Historian Stefan Malinowski |

Status: 05/30/2022 7:21 PM Historian Stefan Malinowski was awarded the 2022 German Realist Prize for his work “Hohenzollerns and the Nazis – History of a Collaboration”. This was announced by the German Book Trade Association on Monday. Historian Stefan Malinowski has been in a legal dispute with the Hohenzollern family since his “report on the … Read more

Diversity Day: Writer Emilia Roig still sees a lot of work to be done | – Culture

Status: 05/31/2022 06:00 AM Diversity Day campaigns nationwide for diversity in the community. A conversation with activist, political scientist, and author Emilia Roig about progress and lack of change. Today is the tenth day of diversity. National Labor Day starts from Diversity Charter Society. More than 3,000 companies and organizations have so far signed the … Read more

Looted Art: Kunsthalle zu Kiel Expands Original Project | – Culture

Status: 05/28/2022 06:00 AM Kunsthalle zu Kiel has been conducting a critical examination of the origin of its holdings since 2014. The question is whether the collection contains objects belonging to the so-called looted art. by Anina Pomerinki Since May 2018, the source of artwork from the Graphic Art Collection has been specifically scrutinized – … Read more

Can writing help with grief? | – Culture

Status: 05/26/2022 06:00 AM Can writing help with bereavement? Young poet Laura M. Neunast wrote about the suicide of a friend in “Keine Lilien” — and a complex answer to that question. by Andrea Schweizer “No Lilies” is a bottomless fall book. A true story of the kind that appears often. “Two lie there and … Read more

Rainer Moritz in his “Library of Survival” | – Culture

Status: 05/25/2022 2:38 PM What is the power of literature? In what areas of life can it help and where does it reach its limits? A conversation with Rainer Moritz, author of The Survival Library. One of Kästner’s The Lyrical Medicine Box, The Library of Survival, mentions the literature as a cure and a source … Read more