€9 ticket experience: will you also pay €69?

The ticket for 9 euros was well received by German citizens. no wonder. For little money in regional transport through Germany, without having to care about tariff zones. amazing. Just go in and go. And what about after summer? Shall we get back to work? So everything is back to normal? What ticket models will … Read more

VW Multivan 1.4 eHybrid اختبار Test

Have you heard? Scandal in Volkswagen! There was something in common between MQB and T6.1. It could have happened somewhere between Wolfsburg and Hannover Stocken, the unspeakable, actually unimaginable. You: An effective, resilient digital citizen. He: A sharp grab with a broad back, plenty of experience and a loyal fan base. and now? Eat there, … Read more