Documentary Film “The Last Journey” on Aarti

ÜMore than seven decades after the end of the war, it seems difficult to find contemporary witnesses to a World War II documentary. But young people and children in the past can also vividly describe what they themselves experienced and learned from their parents – they also tell stories with faces marked by what they … Read more

‘Everyone talks about the weather’ at the cinema: stuck in a hamster wheel – Culture

Crumble cherry or tangerine quark? This is the crucial question. In Berlin, Clara is doing her Ph.D. on Hegel’s concept of freedom. But in her mother’s kitchen, far away in the flat countryside of the eastern German provinces, things were quite different. What a bread cake. Are you stuck in traffic? Or what the weather … Read more

Here’s what you need to know about the Immigration Office – all the information

Immigration Office Berlin This is what you need to know about the state immigration office Updated: 15.11.2021, 05:30 | Reading time: 9 minutes Since 2020, the former Friedrich-Kraus-Ouver Immigration Office has been called the State Office for Migration. picture: Annette Riddell / D The State Office for Migration (LAB) is the authority for foreigners in … Read more

Fictional Certificate Berlin: History, Travel, Extension – All Info

right of residence Certificate of imagination in Berlin: all the important information Updated: 2022-06-02 13:07 | Reading time: 3 minutes The State Migration Office in Friedrich-Kreus-Ouver in Berlin. You can get a fantasy certificate here. picture: Annette Riddell / D With a fake certificate, foreigners can prove that they are allowed to stay in Germany … Read more

Permit to settle in Berlin: application, appointment – important information

right of residence Permit to settle in Berlin – all information Updated: 07/28/2022, 10:00 AM | Reading time: 8 minutes The State Migration Office in Friedrich-Kreus-Ouver in Berlin. You can obtain a residence permit here. picture: Annette Riddell / D The residence permit allows permanent residence in Germany. Make an appointment, order, blue card: all … Read more

Gila Haas for her role as the Stasi Killer

Mrs. Haas, you became an actress because you were jealous of Emma Watson. At school we watched the Harry Potter movie where you play Hermione and I was like, Why do you play that? I love Hermione! Why can’t I be Hermione? At that time I decided: I will do it now, too. Then I … Read more