NBA Finals: Stephen Curry slips – Golden State draw – Sports

Stephen Curry, stunned, extended his arms to the side and moaned loudly to the judges. The word “foul” was clearly read from his lips. Curry’s blast came late in the third quarter, as the Golden State Warriors tied the game against the Boston Celtics 73-73. As his three-point shot landed in the basket, Curry himself … Read more

BBL Final Series: Bayern Basketball Players Lose their First Match in Berlin

The match is not over, the Bayern basketball team is not yet defeated, when the face of Vladimir Lucic showed that the reserves are exhausted. The Munich captain dragged himself back into his own basket after losing the ball, and teammate Nick Wheeler-Bab managed to make an almost heroic save. But Lucik could not even … Read more

Basketball Championship: Bayern enters the final match

At 9:15 on Wednesday evening, basketball players from Bayern Munich still did not know which plane they would board at Cologne/Bonn airport the next day. In their fifth semi-final match at Telekom Baskets Bonn, they were late in the break. If they hadn’t shot the game, they would have had to board a plane to … Read more

NBA Finals: Boston wins Game 3, leads 2-1

Jaylen Brown was holding his right shoulder, his expression in confusion and annoyance. He looked like a teenager getting a tattoo for the first time and realizing with his first needle stick how bad it would hurt. Somehow, this is what happened: the Boston Celtics guard was involved in a struggle with Draymond Green, and … Read more

Basketball – Steve Kerr: A coach with a clear stance on gun laws

SAN FRANCISCO (Associated Press) – When Steve Kerr hit the table two weeks ago and showed his frustration and grief over recent shootings and America’s lax gun laws, it came from the bottom of his heart. The Golden State Warriors basketball coach, who currently plays the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals for the fourth … Read more

Golden State Warriors Clay Thompson: The Poet Is Missing – Sports

Hey, hello – has anyone seen this guy, maybe in San Francisco or now near Boston too? You can not miss him too much, he is 198 cm tall and he usually wears the John McEnroe commemorative headband. He does special things; Basketball sank into the basket very elegantly, for example, former US President and … Read more

Silence after the throw – sport

When a game of basketball between two nearly equal teams moves toward the last siren and everything intensifies, it’s time for big individual action. And that moment belonged to Parker Jackson Cartwright on White Monday. The clever 1.80-meter playmaker from Telekom Baskets Bonn who looked very cool and snub-nosed, caught the ball less than two … Read more

Basketball qualifiers: Bayern Munich officials blame and caution

Admonish and warning, this is how you would describe the current set of language used by FC Bayern officials. On Saturday, the German Basketball Cup winner and Euroleague quarter-finalist will meet Telekom Baskets Bonn in Game Three of the semi-finals, for the first time at their home Audi Dome (6pm). The Bavarians won the first … Read more

Baskets, the legend of Paulding: A big farewell party | – Sports

Status: 03.06.2022 09:25 AM At German basketball club Baskets Oldenburg, an era ends on Saturday: Ricky Boulding says “goodbye” to the club and fans in a farewell match against an all-star team. He finished his career and returned to the United States. Of course, they’ve already celebrated their man with the number 23 in an … Read more

The NBA Finals: Will the Best Win? Because – sports

It’s always cool when someone explains a game to you who has been there. It is even better that this direct expert does not talk to reporters and avoids clichés, but explains to his colleagues what they really need to do better – and you can just listen. The NBA provided Marcus Smart with a … Read more