Bond, Punk and Paddington: How Elizabeth II became the Queen of Pop

Bond, Punk and Paddington How Elizabeth II became the Queen of Pop Written by Marcus Leibold 9/9/2022, 8:13 am Sung by the Beatles and parodied by Andy Warhol and portrayed by Helen Mirren, the Queen became a pop culture icon during her long tenure. She has also shown her sense of humor in recent years. … Read more

TV comeback Barbara Seles: Legal retiree

49543 Guest contribution by Lorenz Leitmeier 06.09.2022 Familiar old face, now TV format works “Barbara Selish – Criminal Court” again on RTL+. Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius Reactionary judge Barbara Selish is back. RTL has provided them with new cases and a moral compass – there are jokes about outsiders and reasons for reviewing at … Read more

The time we share.” Isabelle Hubert and the power of imagination

How do you deal with your loss or failure? What if the pain becomes overwhelming and threatens to wipe out everything? In his melodramatic film The Time We Share, French director Laurent Larivière describes treating memory as a kind of creative process for survival. Reality loses its relevance and can hardly be defined as such. … Read more

Baby Story –

F (law) Anna Kim novel In her new book, Austrian author Anna Kim uses files to talk about the difficulty of adopting a child in the United States in the 1950s. The native South Korean raises topics such as racism and the question of origin and spins threads into the present and the racial ideology … Read more

The Unborn Child: A Fiction in Law

42623 Another guest by Dr. Christine Y Albrecht 08/29/2020 kite_rin – The unborn child is considered to be born, and the Mediterranean island is no longer an island: the law operates with fantasies and assumptions. Christine Y Albrecht He examined what constitutes it and why we need it. Ads The unborn child who is … Read more