The war in Ukraine: the Lviv Academy of Music of the Rhineland-Palatinate supports the Lviv Academy of Music

The war in Ukraine: the Lviv Academy of Music of the Rhineland-Palatinate supports the Lviv Academy of Music

Message from 05/11/2022 By Wolfgang Tischler Rolf Eilers, president of the State Music Academy of the Rhineland-Palatinate based in Neuwied, has already attended the “Lviv Music Academy” (Lymberg) in Ukraine three times during peacetime. He got a call for help. In Lemberg, people fear for the extensive historical notation that has not yet been digitized. … Read more

Maimarkt 2022 in Wissen: Something is already happening in Siegstadt

Message from 08.05.2022 Written by Catherine Behner As early as 11 a.m. on Mother’s Day (May 8), several guests gathered at Wissen’s regional train station for the May Market opening party in Weissensee. Dance performances by DJK Wissens-Selbach ensured a successful start to the hustle and bustle with many stands and shops open for business … Read more

The medieval knowledge market attracts visitors to the city on November 6 and 7

Message from 10/28/2021 Written by Catherine Behner The Medieval Market and St Martin’s Market will be held in Knowledge on November 6 and 7, organized by Meeting Point Knowledge. The hustle and bustle of the colorful market offers delicious cuisine and many attractions. In addition, on Sundays it is open for sale and the festival … Read more

Sportkreis Altenkirchen: The consequences of the epidemic affected clubs

Message from 07.05.2022 By Klaus Kohnen The Corona crisis hit some sports clubs hard. What consequences are they dealing with? And to what extent do crises such as the Ukraine war affect them? These questions were the focus of the last meeting of the Altenkirchen sports group at Schützenhaus Wissen-Schönstein. Michael Webber was the head … Read more

Thanks to the concept of hygiene: the annual market in Wissen has become a “party area” for elderly women

Message from 02/11/2022 Written by Catherine Behner It doesn’t work without carnival and “o-jö-jo knowledge”! So the opinion of the knowledge carnival community. In close consultation with the Municipality of Knowledge, the decision was made at short notice to celebrate the “Old Women’s Outdoor Party” with a first-class program on February 24 at the annual … Read more

Regular digital people in the know deal with “cryptocurrencies”

Message from 07.05.2022 Digital-Stammtisch Westerwald / Sieg was recently held for the first time since the beginning of 2020 at the Germania in Knowledge Restaurant. This time it was about the hotly discussed topic “Cryptocurrencies: a real alternative to means of payment or forms of investment?” The topic sparked lively discussion with various approaches and … Read more

Hanns-Josef Ortheil as a guest at Siegen and Knowledge

Press release from 05.05.2022 Famous writer Hans Josef Orthel can be seen twice in the region in May. On May 19, he spoke in Siegen about photographer August Sander and his relationship with Westerwald. Westerwald is also on the agenda on May 25, when Ortheil will talk about his home country in Kulturwerk. Hans Josef … Read more

Krapkowice Help: Knowledge receives letters of thanks – help arrives

Press release from 05.05.2022 Written by Catherine Behner Donations and relief supplies support the Polish partner city of knowledge in the great challenge of providing protection and assistance to the Ukrainian people. Knowledge has now received a letter of thanks from the Mayor of Krapkiwice. Thanks also to all supporters and donors. On March 25, … Read more

Kita-Gesetz: Was the call for help out of knowledge going unanswered because of the wrong email address?

Message from 05/03/2022 Written by Daniel David Berker About a month ago we reported that not a single refugee child from Ukraine could be admitted to a day care center in Westerland. The mayor had sent a request for help to the state’s youth welfare office, which went unanswered. The supra-local youth welfare agency is … Read more

Altenkirchen: the change at the top of the SRS is now also in front of a large audience

Message from 01/05/2022 The change happened quietly on January 1st: Danielle Mannweiler took over the management of the Christian non-profit sports organization SRS based in Altenkirchen from Hans-Genter Schmidts. The official part followed four months later. Now the change at the top of the SRS has had a general impact (from left): Judith and Hans-Genter … Read more