“Asia at Midnight: Eat · Dance · Dream” offers a glimpse into the hidden nocturnal world of its major cities

Back home in Asia, we know that cities never sleep. Our new documents Asia at midnight: eat – dance – dream It shows this side of the city – with the nocturnal stories of its inhabitants. We get to know DJ Sumirock. The 85-year-old runs a noodle shop during the day and DJs run Tokyo … Read more

Heat advice: Help on hot days – Wikipedia

The coming days will be hot It’s good to drink a lot – and keep your head cool in other ways. Photo: Carl Josef Hildenbrand / D Long weekend promises with temperatures of over 30°C. It is important that you remain calm. Our editorial team has put together tried and tested methods for better handling … Read more

“Folkwang and the City” exhibition in Essen: Suddenly my imagination – Culture

The poetess is largely the opposite of what one associates with downtown Essen. The island in the middle of the traffic-washed Berliner Platz is inaccessible, surrounded by a multiplex cinema, shopping center and the Funke Mediengruppe publishing house. But at least temporarily, the roundabout has been converted into a kind of community garden, with trees … Read more

‘It’s never enough’: Monchi’s biography is absolutely honest NDR.de – Culture – Book

Status: 04/11/2022 1:51 PM His face resembles a cuddly animal: Jan Gorko, singer and lyricist of the punk band Feine Sahne Fischfilet, everyone calls him Monchi. His biography appears under the title “Niemals satified”. by Lenore Loach Where is the scale limit? Not that Munshi is particularly concerned with his body weight, but attempts to … Read more

Netflix docu The Tinder Swindler: Dating app bans scammers

kmpkt After Netflix Documentary ‘Tinder Swindler’ Finally Banned On Dating App Published on 02/12/2022 | Reading time: 4 minutes As the alleged son of a millionaire, the ‘Tinder scammer’ managed to win over women – and get their money Source: Netflix Shimon Hayut withdrew more than 8.7 million euros from the women’s pockets. He met … Read more