You must have seen these 7 economic documentaries

Düsseldorf Netflix spends on internal production in the tens of billions. Monthly new series, movies and documentaries appear on the streaming platform, some of which also make it into the Oscars or Emmys winners list. Those interested in business and politics will also get their money’s worth on Netflix. Banks, the food industry, the big … Read more

The 7 best documentaries on Netflix

If you not only want to relax while watching Netflix, but perhaps also want to learn something new, you are in good hands with the streaming giant’s documentary. We bring you the best educational and entertaining documentaries on Netflix. “Netflix & Chill” was yesterday. Now the “Netflix & Learn” program is announced! With a large … Read more

Unbelievable But True: The 13 Best True Crime Documentaries on Netflix

Netflix is ​​introducing new products at an incredible speed, which is why it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see them through the jungle of series and movies. The following 13 true crime titles are definitely worth a second look. © Netflix Interaction between the judiciary and the media. Against the backdrop of the modern media landscape … Read more

Part One – Film plus criticism – Online magazine for film, film and television

“True Crime Series” is thus far shallow and frightening formats of cinematic/documentary narrative: the focus was on direct shock effects, and audiences had long been unable to lure them to screens because of the often cheap style, audiences were satiated and little interested. For this reason, many true crime documentaries were often shipped to various … Read more

On the 100th Anniversary of Stanislav Lim’s Birth: Fact of Fiction – Wikipedia

Throughout his life, Stanislav Lim (1921-2006), who would have turned 100 on Sunday, refused to be called a science fiction author. Of course, he himself was not fully responsible for this classification, because anyone who transfers a significant part of his literary subjects to extraterrestrial worlds, about which “Fairy Tales of the Robot” and “Memoirs … Read more

Netflix – Irresistible of Truth – Culture

If you type “climate change” into Google, you’ll get different results – depending on what Google knows about you. With this ominous phrase begins the trailer for ‘The Social Dilemma’ – a Netflix documentary in which the streaming platform settles with Silicon Valley. There’s also dramatic music, images of social turmoil and digital depression, quickly … Read more

The plot: This Netflix documentary will spoil your appetite for fish

Netflix documentaries, regardless of their subject matter, do not leave anyone indifferent. “Seaspiracy” is the platform’s latest title, released with one goal: to change the world by making us change our habits. When climate experts say we need to change our diet, they mean not only that we should stop eating meat, or rather that … Read more

Instagram project “IchbinSophieScholl” barely reached the youth

What would Sophie Scholl’s Instagram account look like? A question that SWR and BR found so exciting that they started the “IchbinSophieScholl” project on the stage between May 2021 and April 2022. Schul as an influencer, played by an actress, that’s the idea. Scholl’s path to resistance should be seen in what the creators called … Read more

‘Shiny_Flakes’ on Netflix: Cocaine from the nursery – Culture

It surprised him, says the blond young man, who revolutionized the drug trade, with a smile. A customer from Colombia has already contacted his online store, of all things. “Don’t they have enough drugs there already?” In their documentary Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord, directors Eva Müller and Michael Schmitt portray a young man named … Read more

One after a successful summer with new benefits in the fall and “clear language” – Economy and Volkswagen – News

Cologne (ots) – After the most successful summer in its history to date, broadcaster ARD ONE begins fall with new highlights in the series and entertainment sectors. These include the second season of the Grimme Award-winning series “Parlament”, new episodes of “Bauerfeind” and free TV premieres such as “Professor T”. From September, the additional audio … Read more